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Sorcerous Rivalry by Kayleigh Nicol
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This book was just a nice surprise. It did a few things that genuinely surprised me, it took the plot in a direction I wasn’t expecting right off, and as for the romance (which was very tame btw) for the most part it avoided the typical romance storyline, and when it did veer into the one trope which instigated the” confession” I couldn’t even complain much because the rest was so damned entertaining.

The characters were fun and the lead Reshin, endearing. His flirty, fun-loving spirit was never over-done and hints of his past gave us moments of depth.

Kestral, the other lead, won my heart mostly because he’s the kind of character I usually love the best- quieter more serious, with a good dose of sarcasm, and also with some hidden past hurts he’s carrying around.

They reminded me somewhat personality-wise, of my other two favourite characters Royce and Hadrian (from the Ryria series) and in the way that we get to see them go from uneasy allies to friendship, and of course eventually, at least for these two- attraction (For anyone who was ever shipping Royce and Hadrian- well, there you go).

Reshi’s sister Kila, was a great ~~third wheel~~ travel companion, the inclusion of her on the road was the perfect foil for keeping the story moving, while balancing the attraction/romance. Plus, the addition of her gave us lots of wonderful and funny scenes with both boys, letting us see them as something other than love interests and helping to round out their characters. I enjoyed her character a lot.

Even the battles are fun! Quick-paced, and sprinkled with humor but like the characters, balanced with some darker moments, that keep this from being too silly or too dark.

Case in point-
I charged again, darting low, hoping to cut through the tendons in his ankles. Those boots were too ridiculous to be of any real protection to him.

There was a couple of rough spots for me in execution. I don’t do names well (as everyone I am sure knows by now), and we get a whole pile of them in a little short name-dropping space as a bit of history, which thankfully it didn’t matter because they’re introduced later in person so it wasn’t a huge deal, but for a minute it was like ugh… oh no! Who?

And my other hmm… spot- the big secret spill/confession. Most people aren’t even going to notice this but if you read romances for twenty years, it’s a pretty common way to have the ‘big not so secret to us’ secret brought out into the light to be hashed out. After some of the other really different choices and paths this book took along the way, I was expecting something a little less tropey for the turning point. But this is minor stuff really, compared to how well the rest held up. I should mention though, I did think the end of the story that this turning point triggered, was spot on and as much as I wanted to shout at the author, I liked the set-up that moved these characters to the next book.

On the whole this was just an enjoyable read with some nice surprises along the way. The whole fact that there were several instances that did surprise me earned it a lot of credit over any of the minor issues I did have. I am totally on-board for the second book.

Other notes-

-The scene with Mouser was ingenious.

-Like the Highlander feel to the magic

-This could almost be considered an origin story- we are learning about the characters magic and special abilities and seeing them learn how to use them when the surrounding change or their magic does.

-The running joke with the horse Shan, amused me quite a bit.

-While there is a romance storyline between the two men, I would still put this firmly in fantasy with a bit of romance on the side, and not the romance fantasy category. The romance is pretty tame and doesn’t carry the story.

-Thank you to the author Kayleigh Nicol, for generously providing a copy through Esme’s tbrinder matchmaking reviewer/author service, which you can find here at The Weatherwax Report-

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