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The Wonder of Ordinary Magic by Lilli Jolgren Day
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Nov 20, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: a-man-in-a-coma, family, niece, writer, writing-his-novel-while-in-a-coma, fiction, takes-place-in-michigan, on-life-support
Read in March, 2012

This book is brilliantly written! It is very well thought out and very well executed! It's quite something to read a story about a man, Bobby Weaver, a successful author prior to this coma, who is completing his novel while in a coma, and then to read about this same man as a person who happens to be in a coma, and loved very much by his family.
I have to say I really enjoyed where this story took place! It took place in Detroit and the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. There were many references to Michigan that I just LOVED! Especially the reference about the weather! HOW TRUE! It had me laughing SO hard! I had to read that part out loud to my husband who could relate SO well! There were other mentions, such as The Detroit Tigers, and more! Really neat if you live in Michigan!)
Sounds interesting, isn't it! The only way to understand how wonderful this book is is to read it! It's an amazing story! This review may seem sketchy and you may not quite understand it all, but I can't go on any further without ruining your experience of reading this poignant story and ruining the experience for you. I can't give away to much so as to ruin the story!
Each chapter of this book is told by a different family member and how each person interacts or doesn't interact with him. It's how he relates to each of them, and the part he plays in each of their lives.
As we are reading this book within a book, we learn a lot about Bobby and his family. When Bobby is not writing, (which no one knows he is doing so in his head, and, as a matter of fact, all the medical tests show he is brain dead), someone from his family is usually there at his bedside. His entire family comes to visit him every day, including his very special 4 year old niece, Chloe. She is the spirit of life. So young, so innocent, yet wise beyond her years. Bobby loves Chloe. He loves this little girl more than any other character in this book. It is truly sweet to hear her talking to him. Somehow I believe she knows he hears her, especially through one very touching moment. She is, after all, his very special little niece and she happens to know this, even though she can't hear him. Other family members who come to visit him, he's not quite so fond of. Come and read this book and hear what he has to say about all of the other characters.
There will never be another book quite like this one to be able to hear the magic of what a man in a coma thinks, or to hear his responses of what others are saying. Come read this book to find out the haunting way as to how he ends up in this coma. This is where the title really rings true: The Wonder of Ordinary Magic!
Bravo! HIGHLY recommended!
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message 1: by Lilli (new) - added it

Lilli Day It is kinda cool to read a book that's based in the same state that we live in, isn't it Laurie? Thank you for reading my book and taking the time to write down your thoughts about it. And thanks for inviting me to participate in the Lunar Love Blog Hop, I've never done one before and it's been a lot of fun!

Laurie Carlson It IS awesome to read a book based in the SAME state!! You were SO right about SO many things about Michigan!! I was laughing SO hard about some of them!!! It was GREAT!!! I LOVED it!!!
In my review, I did NOT want to give to much away, so I was very brief about things. Some people on Amazon gave EVERYTHING away! I don't do that. Given what they wrote on Amazon, I kind of 'tried' to keep my review a little more of a mystery, or up to the minds of the Reader. I can't believe some people TOLD what happened!!! Ticks me off when they do that!
You are SO welcome and THANK YOU for allowing me to read your book! I LOVED it! It was SO cool to read a book about a man in a coma and to hear his thoughts!!!
Thank YOU for participating in the Blog Hop! You'll love it!!! I posted ALL your contacts if people want to go to your different sites!! You will LOVE how many
I will update you and let you know how many people we get that enter! So far so good, because I have a LOT of NEW Friend Requests here on Goodreads!!
People ARE interested in your book!!! Woo-hoo!
Now I'm going to go advertise some more!!!
Thank you!!!!!

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