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Where You Are by Tammara Webber
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Nov 19, 2011

really liked it
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See, I have this problem. I realized that I've been walking around these last two days just pissed at the world. Do I have things in my life to be pissed off at, sure (who doesn't). But this pissed off has regularly been directed at this book. The question begs, am I pissed off in general and I'm placing blame on the book, OR is this book causing me to be pissed off en masse? I honestly think it's the latter. I base my belief off the fact that I'm not an angry person, usually. I am regularly accused of being too passive by my nearest and dearest, and my patience and acceptance for people is constantly called in to question as being one of my flaws. This can only leave me with the thought that it has to be this book!

I'm going to make a list, (I love lists)...

1. I think it's unrealistic to assume that beta-men don't get jealous. Everyone gets jealous. For us to have a window seat into Graham's thought process and not see him battle these 'caveman' would make him boring. I mean, how interesting is this person, "Reid is hanging all over her, touching her inappropriately and trying to drive a wedge between us (more on this in a moment), but it doesn't bother me at all. I'm just going to stand here and let bulldozer Alexander plow right over me because I'm a beta and not supposed to show aggression." Okay, I don't like that guy at all, the big sissy. Now, for me, his thoughts about how he's jealous and wants to knock Reids teeth down his throat was entirely understandable. He's a Beta-man because he has these thoughts and doesn't act on them. This is realistic. I'm a beta female, and trust me, I have those thoughts, so would someone just put this kid out of his misery, stat?

2. Reid - I hate this dude, I totally do! He's an ass! So why am I constantly agreeing with him in round 2? When he leans over and tells Emma that if he were Graham he wouldn't have been so noble. He would never have stepped aside, he would have fought for Emma with everything... damn if I didn't agree! Maybe this is because I'm a beta-girl who loves her alpha-men (with a few exceptions like Matt and Seth), but damn if I wasn't sitting there going 'hell yes! you fight for who you want!'. And I DO not want to agree with Reid about anything, at least not at this time.

3. Goodness Brooke, you can look at regular girls and think about how they're pathetic because if a guy wasn't interested before, they're not likely to become interested now but you still can not see how that is YOU! For such an 'it' girl, you really are just a big ole joke. I can't wait for you to get what's coming to you, WAY more then Reid. And to think, I actually kinda liked you in the first book.

4. Last one, swear; Why are Graham and Emma so stupid? Why is it that neither one of them can see that they're victims. They are completely being played for fools and both of them are so flipping blind. For pete's friggin sake, Graham is one smart beta-man so how did he not see right through (view spoiler) I mean, this is not a mastermind here. It couldn't be more obvious! But Emma and Graham just eat it up, not picking up on ANY clues. I would have much preferred if someone figured it out before the last 15% of the book (which is where I'm at right now) and confronted them for being manipulative little biotchs. It's just all so transparent.

In closing, am I loving this book? It's hard to tell. Right now I want to say I hate it, but in that really good way. This author is conducting my emotions like a symphony, and in the heat of the moment I want to drop kick these guys and be done. Except, i think that when my thoughts have settled down and I'm able to think about this book in hindsight I'm going to see how engaging this story was. How else could I have been so affected by it. I'm definitely not going to forget this book, that's for gosh darn sure.

I'm not sure how some of you GR friends can read these drama filled books back to back, I feel like I'm going to have heart failure... I hope getting this all out has brought me some serenity...

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