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Unravelling by Elizabeth Norris
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Nov 18, 2011

it was amazing
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I fucking love this book! Ben Michaels, stay in our world and fucking marry me .
UNRAVELLING.WAS.INCREDIBLE. IT WAS FREAKING EPIC! No kidding- I’m IN LOVE with this book; the characters, the plot, the ROMANCE; Everything about the book was flawless! There’s nothing I would change about it. I just wish I could literally jump into the book and experience the adventures with this cast of fabulous and memorable characters (Seriously, my life is so boring compared to Janelle’s! Why can’t I live a life full of excitement and adrenaline-pumping action and adventure? ) The rest of my review will probably be filled with excessive exclamation marks, squealing, fan-girling and just plain…over-enthusiam. So, BE PREPARED.

Let’s start with Janelle and Ben! I liked Janelle the minute I met her; and as the story progressed, I began to like her even more! She was brave, determined and selfless; everyone time something happens, the first person she thinks of is her brother- her brother’s safety is her priority. I seriously admired this side of her; it’s not every day you meet someone so selfless and caring! And BEN! Ben isn’t the popular jock every girl falls in love with; he’s not the ‘girl-tossing-bad-boy’ we’re so used to reading about; he’s not a smokin’ hot paranormal creature in the body of a teenage boy who every girl falls head-over-heels for; he’s certainly notperfect, yet in my mind he IS perfect! In a way, he’s completely different from every YA love interest, but he’s charming in his own way! Okay, I know I’m going around in circles, but if you want to know Ben more, GO REA D THIS BOOK! I guarantee you’ll fall in love with him as well :)! Bascially he’s a mix of everything you’d LOVE in a guy and everything you’d never expect and well…HE’S JUST BLOODY PERFECT, ALRIGHT?!

The plot was unique, full of mystery and every page is full of surprises and something important to the storyline. There were all these jaw-dropping moments and unexpected twists that had me falling in love with it even more! There wasn’t one moment when I felt bored. I was also fascinated by the FBI-related cases and scenes in the book. Anything FBI-related, I LOVE! There’s also a lot of physics & chemistry terms which, by the way will usually put me off since I tend to stay away from anything related to physic but in this case, I actually understood everything and couldn’t put it down!

Now, I should probably warn you that there’s a lot of swearing. (Or it’s probably just me going overboard since I’m not used to reading books with swearing?) Anyway, here, I thought the swearing actually gave the characters dimension and made them more believable – especially Elijah!

Another thing I LOVED about this book was the fact that there WAS NO LOVE TRIANGLE. Oh God, CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? I literally died of happiness once I realised that there probably wouldn’t be a love triangle half way through the book! Janelle, however has a best friend – Alex. And he totally stole my heart as well! Their relationships is strictly FRIENDSHIP; and I absolutely loved these two! Their friendship reminded me a little of Harry and Hermione ! :D

Ohmyfreakinggoodness, that ending ripped my heart to pieces! I had no idea how the author would end it; I thought of all these possibilities and the way the book ended did cross my mind, but I just didn’t want to face that possibility. It was too heart-wrenching! But I guess, I’m still glad the book ended the way it did. I just hope that there will be a sequel! PLEASE! LET THERE BE A SEQUEL!!!

I’m really sorry for such a long review, but Unravellling was SO AMAZING that I could probably talk all day and write several pages on why I love it so much! Bascially, tip of the day; GO BUY/BORROW/STEAL A COPY IMMEDIATELY! Unravelling is officially another 2012 must-read!
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Amanda I have heard such good things about this, looking forward to my copy arriving soon. Enjoy!

Brodie SOOO excited for this! *lurks on your page for updates*

Shirley I started this last night, and so far, it's REALLY good<3 Hope your copy arrives soon! Then we can gush about it together :)

Shirley Brodie wrote: "SOOO excited for this! *lurks on your page for updates*"

I have a feeling you'll LOVE Ben, Brodie!<3

Brodie OOOOH. Is he a good boy? Bad boy? I Can't Be Labelled Because I'm So Awesome boy?

Shirley Er...he has the reputation of a bad boy, but I have no idea if he's a good boy/bad boy:) Sooo he's an I CAN'T BE LABELLED BECAUSE I'M SO AWESOME BOY<3

Mimi Valentine LOL!!! That non-label sounds just about right! I looooooooooove Ben like crazy! :') Wait until you get to know him more, Shirley -- that's when he gets EPIC <3

Lisa You said the F word twice. *covers ears* That's naughty... :)

Erin Want. This. Book. Now.

Shirley Lisa (Badass Bookie) wrote: "You said the F word twice. *covers ears* That's naughty... :)"

HAHAHAHA LIKE YOU'VE NEVER SAID THAT YOURSELF! Don't worry, as long as Celine isn't here, swearing is totally fine :)

Erin wrote: "Want. This. Book. Now."

Lisa I NEVER! I only say "bother!" "holy moly" and "ah bottoms!" ahahahhaha ;)

Shirley hahahaa Lisa saying ONLY "holy moly" WOW. Must screen-cap all your R18+ convos now :) You'll be caught in the act :P

Lisa Excuse me, I have to get back to my bible reading...

Melanie McCullough I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!

Briana I won this book from a Goodreads giveaway and read it immediately. I really enjoyed it. And am hoping for a second book in the series!

♥Rachel♥ This was an original story. I loved it too, Shirley. Love your opening quote. Great review. :)

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