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Gideon by Jacquelyn Frank
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Nov 18, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: contemporary-romance, demons, paranormal, suspense, vampire, shifters

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Gideon is the oldest member of his race. He's their healer as well as a battle-seasoned warrior with nearly a thousand years of knowledge, power and wisdom. Nine years ago, this powerful Demon nearly succumbed to the Moon madness that plagues his people. A near intimate encounter with Magdalegna, sister to Noah, left him horrified at his lack of self control. When Jacob the Enforcer meted out his punishment, Gideon exiled himself for the next nine years. He came out of his self-imposed exile in the last book, Jacob, when Jacob was badly injured by a Necromancer. He has since taken over the care of Bella and her unborn child. His frequent presence also means he has to face Legna again. Together they discover that they are destined to be mated. That would be a wonderful thing if it weren't for the fact that Legna is still mad at Gideon for rejecting her nearly a decade ago.

Another great, action-packed story. Gideon was a wonderful character to get to know better. He's also the most complex one. He's incredibly blunt and honest – he doesn't mince words. He just tells things the way they are, which understandably isn't always welcome to those much younger than him and more well versed in typical human behavior and vernacular. He has powers that not even his closest confidants know of. He prides himself on the stranglehold he has on his emotions, but he finds them sorely tested where Legna is concerned.

Legna surprised me, but in a good way. As Noah's sister, she's lead a sheltered life. Since her kidnapping and subsequent rescue from the Necromancers, she's noticed some changes in her. Her powers have become stronger. Gideon notices this too and while examining her, they discover the dormant passion and a connection to each other that they have denied all this time. She makes a gradual change from pampered Princess to a formidable fighter.

A brutal and vicious attack on Bella and the kidnapping of Corrine means war. The Demons seek out their allies, Damien the vampire prince and Siena, Queen of the Lycanthropes. Together they set out to rescue Corrine and set a trap for the Necromancers and the Demon traitors in their midst.

Unlike with Jacob and Bella, the burn between Gideon and Legna is a slow one, but no less impressive and powerful. He was awfully cute with her. He has never deemed himself worthy of her, and his dampened emotions cause Legna to take things slowly with him. I thought that was so sweet. He's incredibly caring and gentle, and when a lover says "I want to crawl into you" ... let's just say that Gideon possesses the ability to do just that *winks cheekily*.

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