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The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu
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I picked up this book because I needed a "U" author to complete a reading challenge and this book sounded interesting. I figured it was young adult but upon reading realized it was closer to teen than young adult. The protagonists are 13-year old children: Charlotte and Zachary "Zee". It's well-written but something only the much younger generation would enjoy. A little too simplistic for mature readers.

There are lots of instances where the author spends a paragraph or two detailing what might have happened if such and such happened first. Then the author details what actually happened which makes for a long story with extraneous information and irrelevant details. The story is divided into four parts, the first was ok but a little confusing as the events occurred in the middle of the story not the beginning. The second part was a little over the heads of the intended audience what with detailed Greek mythology with the Underworld center-stage. I've heard of every one of these myths and even I found it tedious and confusing. I imagine the younger crowd would be completely lost. The story really picked up in part 3 and sailed right into part 4 and a stunning conclusion.

This is the first in a series but I don't believe I will be reading the others...unless, of course, I need a "U" author again.

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