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Imperial Bedrooms by Bret Easton Ellis
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did not like it

I have defended this writer quite enough already. The time’s up! We are henceforth severing all ties.

Jeez… how can a critically-acknowledged writer move so far back in his own craft, in originality? Entering the realm of the true masters with “American Psycho” & even the more recent “Glamorama” and then totally selling out… what a disgrace! You, Mr. Easton Ellis, should feel shame. Please retire!

I really don’t want to get into a brief synopsis of this sad excuse for a novella (sure… its modern only in its brevity--all popular writers are now seriously editing back what used to be 500+ page behemoths) since its all been done and seen before. Everything found in the mistitled “Bedrooms” has been witnessed in previous books, half of which are brilliant (“Am. Psycho”, “Rules of Attraction”) the others duds (especially “The Informers”) … though all of them are hopelessly stuck in the 80's. This book sucks for those barely getting into B.E.E., but even more so for hardcore fans like me. And, really, how pathetic is it that 2010 is just a drained, drab version of that rock-&-rollin’ decade we've all come to appreciate? Even the fakeness of the 80s is preferable over all this recycled garbage.

Just move over, Oldster, and let others explore teenage nihilism and despair...
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message 1: by Greg (new)

Greg Fabian, nice review! I'll definitely skip this one. I read and didn't much like "American Psycho" but found the movie treatment better than the book.

message 2: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Thumwood I'm with you on this. Half I'd his stuff is great and the rest almost unreadable. Although I'm probably alone in thinking that most of his work was just lining up Lunar Park. After that, it was downhill

message 3: by Lisa (new)

Lisa Great review, Fabian! I have to admit I never made it beyond Glamorama, which filled me with so much hate, disgust and eventually pure boredom that the only thing that really shocked me (expecting violence from him) was how numb I could get after some hundreds of pages of graphic, violent sex and evil characters.

message 4: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon Thanks Lisa, you've pushed me over the top-definitely going to read this one now.

Fabian Jon wrote: "Thanks Lisa, you've pushed me over the top-definitely going to read this one now."

Read Glamorama for sure. His last good book.

message 6: by Jon (new) - added it

Jon I really liked Glamorama, but I also liked Lunar Park a lot.

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