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The Sailor on the Seas of Fate by Michael Moorcock
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Nov 17, 2011

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Notice: I have made a review for every book of this series and they need to be read in order since they are supposed to feel like an on-going impression. So if you read the second without reading the first will feel rather off.

I am mostly focusing on the style of storytelling and a lot less on if it reads well or something sophisticated like that. For the same reason I tend to have lots of SPOILERS which means that if you read this text you will know THE OVERALL PLOT and how much I DIDN’T like it. So be warned that this is a mostly negative opinion for the whole trilogy which tends to reveal in detail why I didn’t like it. Better be read after you have read the books or if you want to avoid a not-so-smart series. YOU HAVE NOW BEEN WARNED and I can now initiate the slaughter.

--- The Sailor on the Seas of Fate ---

Elric finds a really spooky ship in a spooky sea, under spooky circumstances. As you probably imagine, he asks to come on board because HE DOESN’T SENSE ANYTHING WRONG WITH ALL THAT. Damn Elric, you are so gullible. No wonder you get yourself in trouble so easily all the time. So as soon as he gets on it, the captain introduces him to three other super warriors on board. There are dozens more as crew but they don’t matter at all. In fact, they are just faceless mooks. So the captain tells Elric that they are going to save the entire universe from two aliens who invaded from another dimension by time travelling with this ship, a thing that was achieved by gathering four of the greatest warriors throughout time... And I am not joking; he really said that. And Elric just said yes without much consideration.

So they go to this island where dimensions are mingled and everything has the wrong shadow or just looks weird. Turns out the aliens are two colossal insects so Elric, the other three, and several mooks we should not care about, enter their bodies. Seen as germs, several monsters appear from the walls, acting as white hemospheres but because one of them can speak in snaketongue, they are all told to leave. Then they proceed to the brain, where the two aliens are still sleeping and when they wake up they will suck the energy from the entire universe… somehow. Seeing how they are too small and weak to harm them even if they are all supermen, they decide to merge into one being… I am not kidding; they really fused together into a being with four heads and four arms. And here I thought the Fusion Dance in Dragonball Z was too much.

Turns out all of them (that means the four since the rest don’t matter) are the same person from different reincarnations throughout time and thus they can fuse to become THE ETERNAL CHAMPION who has enough power to defeat even SSJ4 Gogeta. So he attacks the aliens and since they are sleeping he defeats them without much effort. LAMEST SHOWDOWN BATTLE EVER!

This event separates them and soon each one is thrown to a different time. Elric ends up on some weird island working as a time trap. He finds there warriors from all time periods being stuck there when time travelling went wrong and after a brief chat he begins to slay them because he feels like doing so. For some reason these twenty guys are more powerful than the thousand soldiers he killed in the previous book, despite not being described or hinted they are no more than simple foot soldiers. It is only after one of them renegades to his side that he manages to get the upper hand and kills them all. Turns out the renegade is a captain who wanted to avenge the death of his crew by these guys. He is also the excuse the author has to have someone explain the situation to Elric. Well, he is not fan service because Elric does not end up having sex with him, like he did with that other chick. But NAH, soon afterwards he finds a beautiful woman being chased by a ghost horse. He scares the horse away and the woman tells him that his great grandfather created this time trap just so he can find the reincarnation of the woman he loved and killed along with her lover in his time and that woman is standing in front of him… I am not kidding, she said all that.

So his ancestor appears and he is a very edgy one; he immediately attacks Elric so he can finally get laid with the soul he had his sights on for centuries. But then the ghost horse attacks again and it ends up being the soul of the lover of the woman from her previous life, so it makes little work of the ancestor and leaves with the happy chick on its back for… I don’t have a clue; she was really happy though.

The time trap is now broken and Elric is again back to the present but his worries are not over. Another captain tells him that he wants him to guide them through a jungle to the birthplace of Elric’s tribe, more than 10 millennia ago. He agrees to do so as means to find more about his heritage. In the jungle, they are attacked by weird reptilian beasts which are too tough even for Elric to kill. So he remembers he can summon Gods to aid him anytime he feels like it and thus the monsters are killed by a swarm of bugs. Deus ex machina at work once again.

He goes to the ruins of his race and finds there an immortal, cursed to live eternally because he witnessed the Gods having a chat. He also reveals that their patron deity made a pact with the Melibornians to serve him for wealth and power, after of which they left this place and went to the island where Elric was on in the beginning of the story. The immortal asks from Elric to summon the deity to lift the curse and Elric does so, but he forgets that it requires for blood and souls to be offered as a tribute. As a result, his super sword flies on its own and kills both the captain and the immortal. Then the deity appears in the form of a stone statue with its eyes being jewels that dropped to the floor, that the end of the world begins now that the curse is lifted. The end.

… That was the most random storyline I have read in years. (Facepalm)

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