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Private Games by James Patterson
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Nov 16, 2011

did not like it

I was very disappointed in this book. I think this is the first I have ever given this low or thought this low of a James Patterson book! First off this book has more adjectives than any book I think I have ever read. heck there are adjectives describing adjectives! It is clearly used as a page filler to make the book seem longer. The "hero" of this book hardly sees any action, and is a wimp on most occurrences. Truly disappointing.


I don't know where to start. First when the nanny of his dreams just happens to show up and no one can find anything wrong, yet when the bad guy is talking to her he states that if they were looking at them they would have found them out by her alias. Which makes no sense since Nigel had her checked and no one seems to catch anything?

The biggest part that ticked my off is you have a dead man giving first person accounts of what is/has gone on. This makes no sense at all. Especially when he gets killed in the end.

When Nigel find the ex-security heads cat cable going into the wall he says that, that is why they (bad guys) are on the other side in the next building to get his password. At that point, the cable hooked in the wall, if they are intercepting it doesn't matter if they are in the next building or across town, the information is in the internet lines. To intercept the info it has to be captured before it goes into the main network. Secondly, what the heck does the building next door have to do with it? It put into your mind the thought of his internet cable running all the way through the wall and out the other side! Also if the building is next door why does it give the impression that when he is jumping to the balcony that the building is across a gap?

Then his phone is bugged and acting up, but he is too busy to get it replaced, yet later on when they find out it is bugged, he replaces it right then and there, but he couldn't do it before?

Then comes the major screw ups towards the end. The bad guy gets in and hides in the dropped ceiling above the restrooms, until one of the guards comes in the change into his uniform to appear next to the Olympic flame. Just one of the guards, apparently the other guard doesn't have to change or for some reason he changed out in the hall. The book even makes references to how big this guard is, yet our bad guy takes him out and gets into his uniform and it fits and then the other guard doesn't notice that it is a different guy? C'mon how stupid are we to be?

But it doesn't stop there. Nigel find out that the bad guy is going to blow up the propane line, but they can't shut off the gas because all of the valves are welded open. Uh, hello welded open on a propane line? Does that make any sense at all? Do I hear an instant BOOM!?

Then Nigel climbs in an access hatch that has a combination padlock on it? I have never seen an access hatch with a combination lock on it. But okay, he climbs in it and finds a cellphone wired to the gas line. Now comes two things. First if a vertical propane line blows, it will not travel down the pipe and blow the rest up, especially when there is gas pressure coming out the pipe. It would be very similar to a refinery releasing gas and jut burn at the end of the line because oxygen will not travel downward the pipe. Second, did the bad guy travel from the bathroom to the kitchen to set the bomb on the line, when Nigel had to go through a locked hatch? or was it placed there weeks ago when the bad guy was in the building in which case the battery would be dead? Also most fire code require a firewall between a kitchen and any other area of a restaurant.

Then his kids when they are in the room tied up are all calm and no problem, even though throughout the entire book the are hellions. Then when she unties the boy and helps him go to the bathroom (this is just plain crazy) he comes out and sit next to his sister because she threatens to kill him, yet in the next action sequence Nigel explains to us all that his boy doesn't understand getting shot. If that is the case then why does he moments before obey under the threats? Again no congruency.

Now back to the bad guy making it out onto the roof next to the flame. By this time it is alerted to all sniper to check the guards. Yet not a single freaking one notices a difference or the bad guy.

Then the bad guy aims his weapon at the other guard and fires, and not a single sniper shoots him. So he shoots the other guard, then has time to pull out this phone and warn them not to shoot him because things will go boom. Uh, hello, if all the snipers are on high alert and see he shoot the other guard, he would be shot dead before the other guard falls to the ground! Especially when they were told moments ago to check out the guard, so the snipers would all be looking directly at him. This is one of the, if not the biggest screw up!

But no, let go one better Nigel and the bad guy struggle and Nigel jabs him in the eye with the multitool just as lightning hits it and kills the bad guy making him fall on to the flame. C'mon, now we have really gone and thrown the book into the fantasy realm!

Clearly there was no fact checking on a lot of this book. Very, very, disappointing, especially when the other Private books were good!

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