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Ultimate X-Men, Vol. 2 by Mark Millar
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Nov 16, 2011

really liked it
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Read in November, 2011

Brief History:

I have just finished reading the first collection of the classic “Ultimate X-Men” series written by Mark Millar and I really enjoyed it! Now I have finally read the second volume of this fantastic series and while I enjoyed it, the second story felt a little slow, but more about that later.

What is the story?

This collection of stories from Mark Millar’s run on “Ultimate X-Men,” which basically started the series, collects both volumes three and four from the “Ultimate X-Men” series which were called “World Tour” and “Hellfire and Brimstone.” In “World Tour,” the X-Men travel around the world to perform heroic deeds after Professor Xavier decided to send his book on mutant and human peace relations around the world. However, the X-Men soon meet up with an enemy that proves to be too powerful for them to handle. Meanwhile, X-Men member Colossus decides to leave the X-Men after feeling rejected and not believing in Xavier’s dream. Can the other X-Men convince him to come back to the team? In the second story “Hellfire and Brimstone,” this story introduces popular X-Men member, Kitty Pryde! Also, in this story, Jean Grey realizes that her powers are about to go out of control again! Also, at the beginning of this collection, Gambit gets his own story!

What I loved about this comic:

Mark Millar’s writing: I really enjoyed the first story of this volume, as it really got me invested into the characters. The dialogue between the characters felt authentic and was hilarious and I really enjoyed the close interactions between each character. I also loved the dialogue about why Colossus decides to leave the X-Men since while it sounds harsh, was a very vivid explanation told from a teenager’s point of view about how he views Professor Xavier’s ideals. I also loved the relationship that Mark Millar shows between Professor Xavier and his son David and I loved hearing the back story about how David felt like he was being abandoned by Professor Xavier when he was a child and how he turned into a killing maniac later on. I also loved reading Gambit’s short story written by both Chuck Austen and Mark Millar and I loved how both Mark Millar and Chuck Austen got Gambit’s back-story about being a thief right and it was great seeing his kind nature towards a little girl which truly expanded on his character.

Adam Kubert’s artwork: Adam Kubert’s artwork is just as memorable in this volume regarding issues 15-17, 20-22 and 25. I just loved the way that Adam Kubert drew the characters in a realistic yet scratchy feel as it gives the stories a more gritty and serious feel. It was also interesting seeing Jean Grey with short hair since I was so used to seeing Jean Grey with long hair in the mainstream universe.

What made me feel uncomfortable about this book:

There were a few problems with this collection that made me knock the rating down to a four star rating. For one thing, some of the stories in this collection were a bit too slow in the plot, especially concerning issues 23-24, even though Kitty Pryde was in these issues. I also did not care for the art in issues 23-24 which was done by Kaare Andrews as it has the cartoonish look that I usually find in the older “Disney Adventures” comics that I used to read as a child and it sort of distracted me from the story since I am so used to seeing a more gritty and serious look to the X-Men characters. The characters looked too generic and cartoonish for me to take the story seriously and it was hard getting into the story with such artwork.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, “Ultimate X-Men: Ultimate Collection Book Two” is a great collection from the second half of the “Ultimate X-Men” series, even though there are some slow stories in this collection, it is still a great collection to get for fans of the “Ultimate X-Men” series.

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