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Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis
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Nov 16, 2011

really liked it
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Read on May 03, 2012

Review posted: Happily Ever After - Reads

We’re back in Lucky Harbor, this time following three women, all friends, who bond and meet over chocolate. Not a bad way to handle things, at all. Mallory is the first friend up and she’s the ultimate care taker. She’s a nurse, so it’s her job as well as in her general nature to help people. She’s also hoping to start up a new health care clinic to provide care and education to people who have no place else to go. She’s the “sane” member of her family, helping to keep things going and keep the peace between her mother and her two siblings. Mallory is a person who wants to help everyone. She takes groceries and checks in on the elderly, she’s actively involved in every fundraiser in Lucky Harbor but she’s unlucky in love. After being dumped by a couple of guys that she thought were Mr. Right’s, she and her friends decide that maybe giving Mr. Wrong a try wouldn’t be so bad. Mallory could let her good girl guard down, at least for one night and have some fun for a change. Mr. Wrong just happens to crash one of the girls’ earliest meetings, the night they all met in fact, when he passes out at the door of the local diner.

Mysterious Cute Guy! We got a few mentions of him in the prior Lucky Harbor books, but now he has a name, Ty Garrison. He keeps to himself, keeps everyone away and is just biding his time for his leg to recover enough so he can get back out in the field and resume his military career. He’s also dealing with a tragic past where he lost his best friends during a mission and plane crash. He was the only survivor and it haunts him that as a paramedic, he couldn’t save his friends from the injuries they suffered. As a result, he doesn’t let anyone get close to him. Everyone he’s loved has died and it’s just easier for him to wall people off, less painful that way. But what should have only been one night with Mallory, turns into much more, whether he wants it to happen or not.

Ty slid her a look. “You have a bit of a mean streak.”

She laughed. It was true, even if not a single soul in Lucky Harbor would believe it. She had no idea what it said about her that Ty, a perfect stranger, saw more of her than anyone who actually knew her.

At her smile, Ty leaned close, his gaze dropping from her eyes to her mouth. “I like a woman with a mean streak.”

I really enjoyed Mallory and Ty’s relationship. It’s sexy and hot and they help each other deal with painful pasts that have made them into the people they are today; people that they don’t necessarily want to be anymore. I liked seeing them influence each other for the better. Mallory made Ty really look at his life and what he wanted from it. She gave him a reason to start to live again, and think about life beyond just his job. Mallory was the most enjoyable character for me to get to know. She’s such a caring person that to see someone like Ty step in and take care of her for a change, it made me happy for her. Even though she will never stop helping people, Ty and her friends get her to slow down and start standing up for herself and voicing her opinions more. Mallory ended up being a really easy character to root for, and her relationship with Ty was great to see grow.

What I always enjoy about the Lucky Harbor books is the build-up and introduction to the next romance coming up: Matt, the park Ranger and Amy, the waitress at the diner. There’s some friction between these two, it seems to come mostly from Amy and I already can’t wait to see how Matt gets her to open up. Grace and Dr. Josh Scott will lead the final book. Grace is new in town and while we don’t really know much about her other than she’s currently job hunting, she is down on her luck. We get a very quick description of Josh and not only is he juggling his exhausting job, but he’s caring for his son and his handicapped sister at home. Even though that’s all we really know about Josh at this point, I’m half way in love with him already, just from that quick description.

The town of Lucky Harbor continues to be filled with social busy bodies, who love to get their gossip on the town Facebook page. Mallory and Cute Guy get plenty of FB wall space as their romance is detailed out for the town to see. Mallory and Ty were characters that I enjoyed getting to know individually and I loved seeing their romance develop. This was a fun story in what continues to be a charming series.
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JPerceval Did you get an ARC? Lucky indeed!

Jess JPerceval wrote: "Did you get an ARC? Lucky indeed!"

Yes, and I have the next 4 days off - it's like the perfect storm of books and free time!

Amber Hughes I'm jealous! LOL! Looking forward to your review on this one!

Karla Yay, happy to see it's going to be a good one!

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