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Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman
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really liked it
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Okay so WOW this was intense and full of plot twists and politics and muRDeR. I mean it is literally a series about a (nearly) utopian world with ordained murders so. I love that and it's also terrifying! This book though! I am a little dazed by tHAT EnDING.

Me: This book looks nice.
Me: The ending looks like it'll wrap up quite nicely with--
Book: [smASHES me in the face with a cliffhanger]

I don't !! even know what to think while I wait for book #3!! AHHHH.

+ The actual plot of this one is kind of slow, but very thoughtful.
I definitely enjoyed it, although it was super long. If I see a 500pg book I usually scream myself into the 4th dimension (unless it's Lady Midnight, but I DIGRESS) so there were a ton of scenes here thought I either wish were shorter/or the plot had just been more concise. However, I really loved how twisty and schemey everything turned out?! Citra is over here doing the political side of the scythedom and Rowan is over there just murdering bad scythes like a righteous angel of death. GOTTTA LOVE THEM BOTH.

+ Rowan and Citra's storylines are totally separate too!
They barely interact and I'd definitely say there's no romance in this book...but they still are just sort of tied to each other, even though neither admit it?! And wow holy heck do they enjoy beATING MY POOR ROWAN UP. He is such a cinnamon son, but also is hardening up with the weight of being like a rogue vigilante. I cry. I really really love Rowan. I also liked Citra's storyline! Except it wasn't half as exciting as Rowan's, being more like...she was doing scythe politics and eh.

When it screams at the end, I'm like: same, mate, same. But literally I love the Thunderhead! He reminds me of AIDAN in Illuminae (which coincidentally I'm reading the 3rd book in that series while I read this?! yay for all the loving AIs) and I love how it's like everyone's caring mother but also totally chill to calculate humanity's death. Super smart mothery AI's are just what I'm here for ok.

+ Other little things to love:
☆ at one of the scythe conclave meetings, they had cupcakes to go with each scythe's type of robe
☆ this is quality
☆ also still lowkey love how the scythes' dress SOMEONE BRING ROBES BACK
☆ Rowan is like SO CHILL even when he's getting punched into next tuesday
☆ it really explored a lot of the utopian world and it's so interesting
☆ Citra has 0% time for your shenanigans and will salt and roast you without warning
☆ the Thunderhead like is solving the biggest problems of the universe AND takes time to ask you how your day was and say your tie looks nice
☆ so good so nice
☆ I thought I'd be "eh" about Tolliver's storyline but I am intrigued
☆ there was such a gnarly grisly Unwind moment and I was just !!! HOW DARE YOU THO

+ And really my biggest complaints were just:
It was super long, could've been better paced?? And the tone stops me from really connecting to the characters, although I enjoy reading about them.

THIS IS HOW SEQUELS SHOULD BE DONE. And holy heckkkk I am so desperate to know what's going to happen next, because that all went TO DOOM real fast (in the best possible way). Exceptional world building, epic writing, and I love the adorable murdery scheming characters of Citra and Rowan so so much.
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message 1: by Avie Riley (new)

Avie Riley YES! The Thunderhead is SO much like AIDAN! (And can I just say, I think I had a crush on AIDAN haha)...

Charis Rae askghgdjh i read this last summer and LOVED IT!!! i'm so glad you love it too!! citra and rowan have the slowest 'lil molasses-slow-burn romance and i'm HERE FOR IT!!

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