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Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon
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Nov 16, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: paranormal-series
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Blood Magic is the first book in a series about a group of hunters and the witches they are born to protect. Book one follows Darcy MacAlister, a young woman who owns and operates a funeral home and has always felt a bit different and set apart from the world around her. Darcy’s mother died long before she had time to tell her unsuspecting daughter she is an earth witch. Unfortunately for Darcy she finds out about her nature in a most heinous way. Enter Axel Locke: a massive mountain of muscle who owns a club called Axel of Evil; has a dead sexy hawk tattoo; has a serious soft-spot for his baby sister and; is the de facto leader of the Wing Slayer Hunters.

Axel Locke is not an evil man. In fact, he has struggled his entire life to fight the demons that constantly plague him and his fellow Wing Slayer Hunters. The hunters were once immortal, the beloved creation of their god, Wing Slayer who created the men to find and protect earth witches. Unfortunately that arrangement fell apart when a group of demon witches cast a spell that split the men from their god and saddled them with a nearly unquenchable thirst for sex and witch blood. Axel needs a witch in the worst kind of way, his baby sister has been marked with a death curse and there are only two ways to break it: 1) find a powerful and willing earth witch to break the curse or; 2) kill the demon witch who cast the curse. Both options have serious consequences.

Darcy MacAlister is content to live her lonely life running the funeral home and avoiding relationships at all costs. That is, until the night rogue Hunters try to kill her. This traumatic event coincides with Axel dropping in to kidnap her so she can cast a spell to cure his little sister. That’s a bad freakin’ night. Darcy suddenly finds herself trapped in a world she knows nothing about but feels compelled to understand. After all, a little girl’s life is on the line. Oh, and then there’s Axel, the guy who kidnapped her and who she is uncontrollably attracted to. In a few short days Darcy’s life is turned upside down. With very few stutter-steps, Darcy accepts every challenge, even the role of soul-mirror to her kidnapper; this last part is perhaps the biggest challenge of all.

Lyon had a lot of ground to cover in this first book: she introduces all the major characters, the long-term plot line, and the more immediate plot line associated with this particular book. That’s a tall order and Lyon does a decent job of covering everything. She is not only establishing a whole new cast of characters, all with their own drama and dilemmas, but also a whole new history to go along with the characters and the long-term plot line. Initially the history is a bit convoluted but eventually straightens out and makes perfect sense. This is done primarily through a ton of action, dirty awesome sex, and great dialogue. Lyon’s writing style is smooth, the plot is fast-paced, and the characters are intriguing.

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