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Another Bullshit Night in Suck City by Nick Flynn
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Nov 15, 2011

it was amazing
Read in November, 2011

Nick Flynn
"Another Bullshit Night In Suck City"
A Memoir
Another Bullshit Night In Suck City was a fascinating look into the life of Nick Flynn; his life was so full of strive that you can't make the stuff it up. Going to his reading at UCF was amazing; he read poetry that he wrote about being on the set of his up and coming movie "Being Flynn." The poetry was amazing to listen to; and he is a very lucky man that his amazing memoir is being turned into a movie itself. Nick Flynn is a very accomplished writer, and not many authors can say that their own memoir has had the amazing chance to be turned into a film that is full of very accomplished actors that get to play his incredibly jaded life out on film. I only wish to be able to become half as successful as Nick Flynn himself has become. The title of the book "Another Bullshit Night In Suck City," was a way Nick Flynn would describe his sad and horrible life spent mostly on the streets. The story is about the lives that of Nick Flynn, and his impoverished father Jonathan (Joe), both of their lives end up coming together, though not at first. Nick avoided his father at first, because he had his own problems to deal with, Nick was working in a soup kitchen/shelter for the homeless in his late twenties when his father ended up falling into his life. At this time in Nick's life he was feeling lost and used alcohol to help mend his metaphorical mental wounds; Nick found himself so down-and-out that he himself may have wound up needing help from a homeless shelter, and may have admitted himself in times of despair. This memoir is so touching, to see that a man so wounded mentally and physically, but Nick dug himself out of such sad and tormenting times in his life, and became so successful in his writing career. The memoir is very full of bad language and the short chapters make it an easy read, but at the same time you find yourself feeling like you want to reach out to him. The memoir is so sad, and hopeless; but at the same time you feel appreciative for a man who had to deal with so much in his life; but got to have the courage share his story with the world. The book is a mix of agony, but in a way sweet to see that he and his father got to have some sort of relationship, however messed up that relationship might be, because his father had abandoned him. I really enjoy this part in the memoir: "After a year I decided that the guy was looking into a mirror, just to put it out of my mind. Years later I realized I was wrong." The questions that Nick Flynn fights with in his mind are so important in every man's life especially in Nick Flynn's life that hasn’t had the best connection with his father Jonathan. Questions such as: Who am I? What am I to become? Who is my father, and is he worth my time and effort to become close with him and is he worth my time learn about him and his feelings and views on life? The chapters are short and almost poem like and flow so nicely on the page you want to continue to read, you get sucked into this memoir and all this man had to deal with in his life. It was well written and an amazing read I would reccomend it to my peers and maybe even read it again sometime soon. I cannot wait until the movie version comes out, and will be waiting till I get to see it!

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