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How They Croaked by Georgia Bragg
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If you’ve ever wondered (or even if you never have) how King Tut, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth I, Galileo, Mozart, Beethoven, Napoleon, Marie Curie (and many more) died, then this book is for you. In some cases there is still some speculation and mystery surrounding the deaths of these famous people, but Georgia Bragg has done her best to unearth the truth (without having to get her hands dirty performing any autopsies herself – good decision). But this book isn’t just a body count – it includes details about medical practices through the ages and some of the common afflictions. [Did you know “consumption” is another name for tuberculosis (which continues to afflict folks in modern times)?] Often the “cure” prescribed by doctors of the times was more deadly than the ailment. If you didn’t die from blood loss or infection caused by their ministrations, the medicines and poultices prepared by the medical professionals would effectively (and permanently) put you out of your misery. Fascinatingly gruesome – this is a book any middle-school boy would love. You’ll want to reel off some of its fun facts at your next social gathering.

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