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Fallen by Lauren Kate
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This girl has been at her new school for about half a day so far.

-She has already established that she has virtually no personality beyond some bare-bones introversion.

-She has already discovered TWO potential love interests (because a good female lead never thinks of anything beyond BOYS BOYS BOYS!)

-She has already made an enemy of a particularly nasty girl, one that should have you QUAKING in your boots if you are an especially timid sort of person, but instead, the only thing that crosses her mind is "I hope that one hot boy who flipped me the bird didn't see that! How mortifyingly embarrassing!"

I can't wait to see how the book will improve from here on out. /internet sarcasm

EDIT: I ended up hating the story and characters so much I can't even bring myself to revisit the events in my head to formulate a proper review and point out exactly why I hated them all so much.

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