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Dream Chaser by Angie Stanton
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Nov 14, 2011

it was amazing

I absolutely loved Angie Stanton's book 'Rock and a Hard Place.' When I saw she had a new title out, I bought it the very first day! This book is AMAZING!! I am having a hard time knowing where to start.

I'll talk about Willow. She felt so real to me. She is one of the most driven young women I've ever encountered in YA literature. She has deep, amazing, intense passion for cheer and dance. I don't know if Angie Stanton has personal experience with dance/cheer, but the details were amazing! The descriptions of Willow's feelings, apprehensions, excitement, plus her technical moves just made me feel like I went through every single grueling rehearsal and practice. By the time the big show came, I felt like I had worked right along with her, and I enjoyed every second of the performance!! I was never into dance or cheer, and I have a new, deep respect for what the people who excel in those areas have to do, day after day, hour after hour. Willow pushed herself so hard. Nothing was ever good enough for her. She was always stretching and attempting to learn more, experience more, achieve more. It was wonderful!

To balance all of Willow's crazy focus was her amazing family. Her free-spirited mom and dad were hilarious and warm, and did not even remotely fall into the 'hippy' stereotype. Their support of Willow's dreams and aspirations was blended with a perfect dash of pure silly humor. I LOVED them! And little sister Breezy made me giggle so many times in the book, as well. Best friend Jilly was also an awesome supporter...even though the girls wound up having a breakdown in their relationship, when Willow needs her, Jilly comes through and it was perfect!

Then there is Eli. He and Willow have a love/hate relationship because they had a past together that had a rocky ending. He is just as focused and determined as Willow, and they just seem made for each other. Sometimes he came off as harsh, but it was always exactly what Willow needed. I love that his character felt so true and could feel his frustrations and struggles, and the way he supported and loved Willow and backed up her dream was awesome! Plus he was absolutely adorable. I laughed HARD when these two focused, serious, straight-laced kids had a backseat adventure at the local kissing overlook! And then I stopped laughing and just enjoyed, because it was pure romance!

I feel like I know and love every single character in this book. I feel like I worked with them and achieved right alongside them. I hope Angie considers doing an older YA book. I would LOVE to see them in NY, trying to make it together!

If you love dance/cheer, if you love a strong, smart heroine, if you love a great romance, if you love a wonderful, touching family story...this book is for you!!

And I was SO happy to read that Angie is continuing her Jamieson story line with Adam this spring!! She is an author I can ALWAYS rely on for a fantastic read!!
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message 1: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt Chanda, if you like dance/cheer or have any interest in learning about it, this book is particularly cool!

message 2: by Liz (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liz Reinhardt Oh, you totally will, then! I found all the details about the rehearsals and shows so interesting. And it made me have such a new appreciation! Wow, that is HARD work!!

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