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MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza
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After reading a lot of awesome books these past few weeks, this was kind of a step down, because I personally don't feel as if this book had much that was special about it.

So we're introduced to Mila, just a normal quiet girl crushing on the new hot boy in school. Until she finds out that she's not human at all, but an android, and all her childhood memories were simply programmed into her mind, and her Mom isn't even her mother at all but the person who took her from the people in the lab who created her. Now they're on the run, and Mila has to come to terms with her android self while still battling to be human.

The first half of this book was the worst. Mila was such a pathetic Mary Sue heroine. She constantly became a doormat to her so-called "friends", including Kaylee, who apparently is the first girl who befriended her when she first moved to Clearwater. But then this hot dude shows up and suddenly she's being all obsessive and nasty and Mila just takes it. If I were her, I would just slap that bitch's face off. It certainly wouldn't be hard to do, what with her superhuman strength and everything.

A huge problem to me is the romance. Or actually, for the first time, the lack thereof. Because, during the first half, the romance was SOOO overly emphasized and cheesy, and I was expecting a massive insta-love fest the whole book. But then during the second half Hunter's suddenly completely out of the picture, but Mila constantly keeps thinking about him and whining how she'll never see him again and blahblahblah. But I think he'll be playing a bigger part in the sequel.

Another thing I noticed was the high possibility of a love triangle. By the second to third half of the book, this guy shows up named Lucas. Although Mila doesn't have a blatant attraction to him, I just have the feeling that he might be a possible love interest too, because of the way she describes him all the time. We'll see in the sequel. If there is going to be a love triangle though, then I'd be a lot more reluctant to continue the series, cause it has a lot of cliches enough already. No need for more.

For some reason, I took so long to finish this book. I'd definitely say this book was action-packed, though. I'm not saying that the amount of action was lacking. It's just . . . I dunno. I guess it's probably the writing style. The way the book is written just doesn't stand out for me. Mila's voice is like any other Mary Sue YA heroine out there.

Some things I liked, I did like how Mila cared about her mom so much, who by the way was technically not her mom at all. But yeah, I did like that her mom was her number one priority. Another thing I liked was the concept overall, because I really do think that it's very creative and interesting. I just wish it was executed a little bit better.

And as for the ending, the blurb says that a "cliffhanger ending will leave them breathlessly awaiting for the sequel", and I'm just wondering who in the world wrote that, because there was no cliffhanger. I mean, I guess it kind of was a cliffhanger? But it's not something that would leave anyone "breathless" or whatever. The last two lines of the book really irritated me, though.

In a nutshell, this book had a very unique concept, and could have been a pretty badass action-packed book. Instead, it was action-packed but bogged down by the Mary Sue-ness of the protagonist and the unnecessary cheesiness and emphasis on the romance. I wouldn't recommend it to you, but I wouldn't stop you if you wanted to give it a try.

Thank you to Edelweiss and Harper Collins for sending me this galley.
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30.21% "Ugggh, Mila why are you such a doormat? Stand. Up. For. Your. Self. Dar. Ling. That bitch Kaylee is not your friend, so you really need to just slap her smug little face off. With your superhuman strength, that shouldn't be a problem."
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100% " ... and a cliffhanger ending will leave them breathlessly awaiting for the sequel? Umm, blurb, sweetie, there was no cliffhanger. Who exactly wrote you?"
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LibraryFairy™ is it just me or does she kind of remind you of Kim Kardashian?

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Jennifer Romero Yes! She does

shady boots | #WatchPOSE Nah, I don't see it lol.

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Clare dooley I'm adding a comment, I didn't think this book looked that great & from what I'm reading it seems I was correct :( hopefully that will change soon because I have almost a sickness to finish a book even if it's terrible. You may not be afflicted by this, if that's the case consider yourself lucky. You should actually consider yourself lucky that it is not you who has to hear the myriad of reasons why I thought it was awful, poorly written, & usually has the audacity to consider having a sequel . There, I feel that that fulfills the "have talked at least once requirement" in the application to be approved as your friend on goodreads. I will simply be devastated if you decline my offer now. Keep turning those pages, charging that tablet & effin things up in the literary world

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