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The Eleventh Plague by Jeff Hirsch
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Nov 14, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: why-yes-i-ya, live-through-this

*EDIT shit - i forgot to say one little thing*

i initially gave this book three stars, but when i sat down to write my little book report, i found that i was so bored by the prospect, that it really should lose a star for leaving me so underwhelmed.

because writing book reports is fun!!!

you can put in pictures:

oooh, urban wasteland!

you can arbitrarily highlight your most emphatic words so people will notice you!

you can make links to things that have nothing whatsoever to do with your review (you should click that - halfway through, your heart is going to melt and it will not stop melting until the end)

but this book did not inspire any of that in me.

it is a pretty uninspired post-apoc. tale. or maybe i just have read too many of these things and they get same-y after a while. at any rate - the thing that was good and different in this one was mostly the character of the narrator. and by "character" i mean capital-c character. he is a salvalger, roaming the bleak landscape with his overbearing military grandfather and his milquetoast dad. the grandfather is being buried on page one, but his spirit lives on in both of them - the father seems cowed and weak-willed, presumably as a result of being bullied by grandpa, until he does One Big Thing with disastrous results, while the son seems to have inherited a streak of badassery from his grandfather, but it never goes far enough, in my opinion. it seems to lost steam halfway through, when, surrounded by a real community, he starts to get all soft and runny. it would have been better to see him retain his flint and his mistrust because these are the qualities of a true survivor, but alas, it was not to be.

enter girl, after all.

she is a pretty good character. but this book feels wasted to me. i would have like to read a book that takes place before this one, when the three menfolk were plodding along, trying to stay alive. i would like to read the book that takes place after this one (view spoiler)

and i am all for instilling a sense of independence in the teen audience and i understand that it is very important to make decisions that are right for every individual, but seriously? (view spoiler) dude, not cool

i guess it is good that i don't feel excited to write this review, so i can save all that excitement for writing the paper i am taking a break from to write this, but still - i would rather have loved this.

** right - i forgot - WORST FINAL SENTENCE EVER. seriously - it takes the feeling i had when reading that part of underworld that gave me soul-scabies and somehow made it worse. YES, I UNDERSTAND THAT WORDS CAN HAVE TWO MEANINGS - I SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. your cleverness is not going unnoticed. or un-shuddered at.
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message 1: by Joe (new)

Joe This sold like hotcakes at our Book Fair.

karen i do not love it yet.

message 3: by Joe (new)

Joe I skimmed the first few pages and thought, "Blurgh."

message 4: by Rachel (new)

Rachel My heart is currently melting...

karen i know!!! once he starts jumping!

message 6: by j (new)

j I give this review my highest rating!!! 5 LIKES!

karen marry me.

message 8: by j (new)

j as soon as they legalize polygamy and i have in writing that your b&n discount extends to spouses.

karen deal! but you other wife will have to do the cooking - i will never abandon cheese. DO YOU REALIZE THAT TONIGHT IS THE FINAL GRILLED CHEESE?? there should be a celebration.

message 10: by j (new)

j you should make all 50 in one day and do a sampler tray for all your goodreads friends!

karen i will need additional spatulas.

message 12: by j (new)

j put them on the wedding registry.

karen along with several thousand dollars in cheese

message 14: by Beth (new)

Beth "What better way to say 'I love you' than with a gift of a spatula?"

message 15: by Beth (new)

Beth PS karen for some reason I never see your images I just see [image] in the review, which makes me sad.

karen oh no! how unfortunate! are you on a phone?? let me describe them to you, although these are not terrific images. the first one is a photograph of an abandoned lot in detroit. there is a car that has been stripped of many of its parts, with the hood popped. it looks very sad.

the second picture is an artist's rendition of what an urban wasteland would be. it is a busted-ass bridge with lots of smoke and some tattered buildings.

but tell me, for the love of god, that you can see the youtube video. that is not something i can describe to its full squee-factor.

message 17: by Bill (new)

Bill Beth wrote: "PS karen for some reason I never see your images I just see [image] in the review, which makes me sad."

beth, usually if you click on the see review button at the bottom, you should be able to see the pictures...i had the same problem until i figured it out.

message 18: by Bill (new)

Bill and karen, you and your red pandas...i must admit they are cute though! and much more manageable than rhinos!!

karen ohhh - are you just on the main feed? yeah - they don't show up there anymore.

someday i will find a video of rhinos dancing and send it to you.

message 20: by Bill (new)

Bill next time i go to a zoo that has red pandas, i will cleverly lure one out of its enclosure with a grilled cheese sandwich, smuggle it out of the zoo by hiding it in my bookbag, and mail it to you in a box with holes in it.

message 21: by j (new)

j oh man, karen, you really should use alt tags for your images.

karen thank you,bill

fuck you, joel!

♥s all around!

message 23: by j (new)


karen okay, but i get half your books.

message 25: by Bill (new)

Bill and rhinos are wonderful dancers, they are so nimble. it's wonderful to see them, especially waltzing to bohemian rhapsody!

message 26: by j (new)

j ok, then i get half your books.

actually, you know what, keep them. i don't want to rent a storage unit.

message 27: by Beth (new)

Beth I can see the images on my phone!

karen hooray! books, spatulas, and my dignity! the perfect crime!

message 29: by Miriam (new)


I went to a really great wine sale and bought lots of wine, so then I had to buy lots of cheese and fruit to go with it. You should come over.

karen oh my god, such a tempting invitation! we could get drunk and write my abstract together! BEST DAY EVER!

message 31: by Miriam (new)

Miriam We could make drunk sound files of reviews of academic reference books!

karen oh, man - goodreads would never be the same again!

karen no cheese for cavemen!

karen i was. at least you will have burgers tomorrow! fuck cheese!

karen and books!! not for your belly, though

karen yayy!! i go on break now!!!


message 38: by Kelly (new)

Kelly haha, karen, I wish comments had a like button too! Grr, spam.

karen oh, no!! it was removed!! well, just know that it was adorable, and red panda-related and completely irrelevant to the book.

here, for an apology:


karen oh, right- i meant to answer this. remind me and i will do it tomorrow!

message 41: by Gia (new)

Gia Hahaha! Red Panda Techno Dance Party?

karen naturally. that's what they do!

Nenia ✨ Queen of Literary Trash, Protector of Out-of-Print Gems, Khaleesi of Bodice Rippers, Mother of Smut, the Unrepentant, Breaker of Convention ✨ Campbell Hahaha yes that last line was so cheesy. What is it with baseball? TWILIGHT had me rolling my eyes with its inclusion, as well.

P.S. I am a cat now.

karen americans love baseball. get on board. but america also loves cats, so you're halfway there.

message 46: by Kimikimi (new)

Kimikimi Beth wrote: ""What better way to say 'I love you' than with a gift of a spatula?""

Buy nine spatulas, get the tenth one for just one penny!

message 47: by Julia (new)

Julia I'd star this review but I'm on my phone :)

karen hahahah dammit, technology! this is what happens!

message 49: by Thomas Salerno (new)

Thomas Salerno Thanks for linking my red panda video :)

karen that's YOURS?? ohhhhhhh - thank YOU for shooting it

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