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Daemon by Daniel Suarez
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Nov 14, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: fiction, mystery, thriller

My thoughts:

First off I think there are somethings that have to be dealt with right away when it comes to reading/enjoying this book.

You need the following requisites to enjoy this book:

-Computer literate
-Internet/Network literate
-Computer gaming literate
-Love First Person Shooters
-Think the movie "Hackers" w/Angelina Jolie was good movie
-Bought MW3 or Battlefield 3
-A penis

If you don't have all of the above, I REALLY doubt that you would enjoy this book.

If all of the above is you, you will likely enjoy this book.

The thing is I think you will need ALL of the above to really enjoy this book because...

The narrative voice is really skewed to appeal to a specific deomgraphic. An interesting aspect of this book is that I have rarely come across a book so narrowly focused at a specific demographic before (that is until I read "Ready Player One").

The specific type of nerd that the author goes after is so distinct that any other type of nerd will likely find this book difficult to get through.

I myself don't love FPS and thought "Hackers" was a crap movie, and yet meet the other requirements.

Guess what? I am finding it REALLY difficult to get through this book. Not that the book doesn't have some cool shit in it. It does.

But it's like being told an interesting story by someone you really don't like. You really go out of your way to avoid this person's company. But because they are the only person that has the specifics of the story, you are forced to endure them for however long it takes for them to finish the story.

The worse is that let's say this person is the type of person that peppers the relaying of the story with really offensive, ignorant, juvenile comments.

So still haven't finished. I think there's enough interesting things and I want to know how it ends...


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message 1: by Soo (new) - added it

Soo I'm not sure if I could make myself read a book if I responded like that. I started a book yesterday written by a female author who has a male pen name. The story is interesting but I felt like the author was beating my head in on how "manly" the main character was. The story is written in 1st person perspective... Getting a few reminders that the guy is tough is ok but having it slammed over my head every other paragraph was too much. Plus, it's hard to go from reading a well written book to an interesting, yet rougher written book.

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