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Wicked Girls by Stephanie Hemphill
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Nov 13, 2011

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Checked out from the library.


3 out of 5


Ann, the queen bee/drama queen, overhears the men talking about witchcraft. So she, Mercy, Margaret, and the other girls get an idea… They start accusing people as witches, but how long will this attention-grabber last?

I love reading historical fiction, especially if it has romance in it, this book was no exception. I gave it a higher rating than last time because of the fact I wasn’t in a rush to read it like last time. ^^;

I really do not like the format of the book (evocative verse) since it made it seem like a very short read. It kind of reminded me of the Dear America books, but shorter and a lot of POVs (points of view). Which brings me to who narrates, Ann, Margaret, and Mercy are the main narrators. It was pretty interesting to have each different girl have a POV, and surprising, it still had a pretty good flow to the storyline.

Anyways, despite the feeling of the book being too short, the author still managed to give the girls a good enough personality. And somehow with these personalities, the author was able to make people pity them because the author tries to give the girls a good enough personality and enough background life to notice them. Another thing I like about this book is that you also get to see a new side on how the girls are treated after they put an end to the accusing. In other books I’ve read about this even, I don’t think any of the authors end the accusing and how society treats them afterwards.

I like the idea behind the book, however, it feels like something was missing from the book — it could have used more substance, action, and plot. I definitely would have liked it even more if it expanded it with more description and substance to it. >.>” Also, it felt more like a junior fiction book than a young adult book, despite having a little sex scene in it. >.< However, that scene didn’t go that into detail, so you don’t have to worry about it too much. ^^

The idea is worth reading, but the lack of descriptions, details, and action makes it feel too incomplete and short. >.>” I like this book a little bit more than when I first read it, but not by much.

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