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Shadows Before the Sun by Kelly Gay
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Nov 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from July 31 to August 02, 2012

After her partner, Hank, is taken into The Siren City of Fiallan to receive punishment for being a traitor, Charlie is determined to go there and save him, with the help of Sandra, the Oracle. No matter the cost. But Hank is not just being held, he is being tortured by the three Circes (Arethusa, Calliadne, and Ephyra) under the spell of NecroNaMoria -- which tethers a soul to a body that has died and forces Hank's soul from going to the Afterlife and returns for sessions of torture. On top of that, Charlie's power that combines those from Elysian and Charbydon has attracted Sachâth, an assassin for First Ones, also known as Death. Can Charlie saves Hank and destroys Sachâth forever?


In what might-or-might-not-be the final installment of the series, it is simply THE BEST and MY FAVORITE book of this series.

The story pulls me in straight from the beginning, when for the FIRST TIME, we get chapters written from Hank's point of view (using 3rd person). The story opens with him being tortured beyond belief, and it breaks my heart completely, and I want Charlie to save him quick, guns blazing. Though unfortunately, that doesn't happen until around 2/3rd of getting into the story (hugs Hank tight).

However, that gives a lot of other fantastic storytelling ... I learn more about the myth of First Ones, their Disciples, as well as the origin of Sachâth. And I still get to read Charlie kicks some Circe's asses, with her combined power that makes her, simply, one of divine beings.

Hank isn't simply a prince in distress, though ... once Charlie is able to break his chain, he makes his own havoc, with an amazing show of power never seen before in previous three books. Then the lovely reunion *sigh*. If I have any doubt about my wanting Hank for Charlie, well, this book erases it all.

The secondary characters also shine ... most notably, Charlie's daughter Emma (who gives Charlie the solution to defeat Sachâth), the ex-revenant/Jinn, Rex (who amuses me to no end with his antics, he's definitely Charlie's best friend, even with Will's body), as well as the Oracle, Sandra ((view spoiler)).

Most of the action happens in Fiallan, and only the last 1/3 part or so, Charlie and Hank brings their fight against Sachâth in Atlanta. That's my only complain, I think, that the fight against Sachâth ends a little to soon. I guess I just don't want to say goodbye for these characters just yet.

It's electrifying, captivating, mesmerizing, with such a perfect happy ending. I don't know if this is the final book, but if it is so I hope Kelly Gay will come up with new fantastic series soon ...

PS: I totally don't recognize Chris McGrath's 'signature' on this cover!! I thought it was done by someone else. I guess book #3 is my favorite cover from the series.

Edited to add: July 20th, 2013
PSS: I just read at Kelly Gay's blog that this is indeed the last book in the series. But there is a short story featuring Rex, Emma, and Brim in the anthology: Carniepunk (2013)
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Monique ~ Sinfully Great review Ami...:D

message 2: by Ami (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ami Thank you, Monique.

Experiment BL626 Does Charlie ever embrace her power? I had a hard time getting into the series.

message 4: by Ami (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ami Experiment BL626 wrote: "Does Charlie ever embrace her power? I had a hard time getting into the series."

Yep, she does. She used her combined power that was in her blood, especially in this book.

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