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Good Luck Charm by Kellie McAllen
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I am not having the greatest luck at the moment with romance novels. This time, I gave YA contemporary romance a try, and as much as I loved this cover, I had issues with the contents.

I'll start off with the positives. Like I said, the cover is super cute, and I like the style across the series. I also liked the premise of a girl who believes she's cursed with bad luck. It gave me Just My Luck vibes, and I love me some old school Lindsay Lohan. (Also, hi, it had McFly in it, and I was BIG into McFly as a teenager.) I also liked that the heroine, Kerri, was an athlete, and for the most part, she and Connor for sweet together.

But, alas, what started with little niggles slowly built to more. It's about to get a bit spoilery, so don't continue reading unless you're fine with some of the plot being revealed! (That being said, the only surprises in the plot were when the characters did things to disappoint me.)

Kerri genuinely believed she had bad luck, and I could understand why. It started out as endearing, and there were some funny moments. But I felt like there was too much of her relying on Connor, and not nearly enough of her realising her own inner strength. There was barely any development there, and I think that was a damn shame. In the end, it didn't really feel like she'd learned anything, or that she wanted to be with Connor for him, not just use him for his "good luck".

Connor lost my approval in the course of a few chapters. The first blow was when he honestly had the following (summarised) thought pattern in the space of a few minutes of narration:

- I like Mallory, I should make my move
- Oh, Mallory is going out with someone else, and I can't compete
- I know, Kerri is my friend and likes spending time with me. Maybe there's something more there?

If that had happened slowly and with more transition, it would have been perfect. But the way he jumped from Mallory to Kerri made it seem like Kerri was a backup plan, his second choice. It seemed to flippant to me. Especially when he then dropped Kerri like she was hot as soon as she admitted to having a date with another guy, then had the gall to wonder why she wasn't contacting him. You were super rude, idiot!

The next blow came when he agrees to go with Mallory on a date. (We'll get to her in a second, because she was a disaster of a character...) During the course of the date, Connor internally remarked on Mallory's choice of music (pop), style, etc. He was very dismissive of things that were fancy (ok, fine), but also of anything girly. He compared Mallory and Kerri, and Kerri won out because she liked sports and eating buffalo wings. What did I get out of all that? All Connor wants in a girlfriend is a dude friend with girl parts. Girls are allowed to like the same things as guys, but I'm sick of the notion that liking "girly" things makes you lesser.

Ok, so now Mallory. Mallory was your Stereotypical Popular Mean Girl. There was nooooo nuance to her at all. She was stuck up, rude, and only concerned with looking good. She blamed everyone else for things when she did nothing to help the situation. And I felt sorry for her. Why? Because was clearly a cardboard cutout used as a plot device to make Kerri look like a better alternative, whilst also aiding Kerri in her using of Connor. #JusticeForMallory.

None of this was helped by the fact that the narration was pretty mediocre. The narrator clearly tried, but she wasn't as engaging to listen to or as good at multiple voices as other narrators I've listen to recently.

Ugh, I really wanted to enjoy this, and I feel extra bad because this was a review copy, but I just did not like this book. It had so much potential, but it fell down to stereotypes, femininity-bashing, and lack of character development and growth. It was just a bunch of confused teenagers using and hurting each other.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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