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Bullet by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Nov 12, 2011

did not like it

This was horrible. While I am slightly invested in the storyline after 15+ books, it seems the author has run out of fresh ideas. Paragraphs feel like they were lifted word-for-word from previous books -- repeatedly and often!

The sex scenes are way too long, and quite frankly boring. They're simultaneously too descriptive and totally unclear as to what exactly is going on. Four pages to describe the orgasm and a vague sentence alluding to what caused it is just plain annoying. I have no problem with the BDSM and poly stuff, but I'd like to see it written in ways that make sense.

I fell like I've read dozens of times about:

1. The heavy feeling in the core of her
2. The pleasure spilling over or overflowing
3. Enormous manhoods and her tight vag
4. Sheets, drapes, waterfalls of hair -- or foam as a descriptor for curly hair -- wtf?
5. Mounding creamy goodness spilling out of various shirts. Good god, can we just say breasts with an appropriate adjective?
Too many more to list.

Sad. I really wanted to like this series, and I feel like I care about the characters. I'd love to see the remaining books condensed into a single book that leaves out all the repetition.

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