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The Birth of Jaiden by Jennifer Malone Wright
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Nov 12, 2011

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This book by debut author Jennifer Malone Wright was an interesting read as it seemed to combine all the best and worst of what we love about the paranormal. This book has almost everything: Guardian Angels, Fallen Angels, reformed Vampire, non-reformed Vampires, good Witches, evil Witches, Slayers, Magicians….well, you get the idea. I like the tormented main character, Alex. You don’t often read about a one-hundred year old vampire that believes God still have a plan for him. He tries to do good with his life, but still feels remorse and guilt over the necessities his vampire existence require to sustain him. He misses his human life and family, and is easy to perceive as a gentle soul. Don’t be fooled. Alex can be as vicious as the next vampire when something or someone he cares about is threatened, and when Danielle, Alex’s Guardian Angel, drops a human baby in his life and tells him it’s God’s plan that he raise this child as his own? Well, let’s just say that Alex goes into overdrive to keep her safe, even before he admits that he loves this little girl and soon thereafter her caretaker.

The story is full of various plots from the mystery of baby Jaiden, Alex’s quest to see the sunlight again, to Malcom’s nefarious plans for world domination, and let’s not even go into that evil wife of his. The books is also an add mix of paranormal, romance, and even a bit of graphic scenery thrown in. I wasn’t sure if the author was just trying to find which theme suits her best or if there are too many characters trying to be introduced all at once that it makes it harder to pin down on general theme to stay consistent throughout. For instance: Alex is protective – that has been established. However, when Isabella (quickly becoming one of the most overused names in fiction), Jaiden’s new caretaker for the daylight hours when Alex needs to sleep, encounters a family emergency we see a much darker side to Alex. The fact that Isabella’s younger sister was brutally attacked by three men wasn’t actually that graphic for me. The details of her attack were left more for the reader to imagine than to actually read. Alex’s revenge on them? Details galore including every delicious drop of blood that Alex took from them before they died. And honestly, the entire side plot of the living conditions and plight of Isabella’s siblings was a weird left turn for me that I wasn’t expecting. It seemed a bit out of nowhere. There were moments where the dialogue seemed to come from a different writer as well. At times the language, grammar and overall prose felt more sophisticated than others, and I don’t know if that was just the author trying to give each character a different voice or if even she is maybe a little confused as to where she wants this book to be categorized.

I thought the humor and banter in the book was fun to read, and I also enjoyed some of the teasing and innuendo between characters. I think there was a lot of information crammed into this book in order to whet the appetite more and to establish enough familiarity for future books. Clearly, the story is not over.

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