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The Wind Through the Keyhole by Stephen King
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Nov 12, 2011

Ummm..so yeah...I'm, like, NOT, going to review this book. I didn't like it but I can't bear to give a Dark Tower book a small number of stars. This felt like a short story, not the book I've been waiting for since November. A thin short story, at that. I didn't care for all the cowboy-ish jargon...it actually really got on my nerves. I'm not sure what King's obsession with large women is, but something about it bugs me. There was too much explaining and planning and too little action. I loved the starkblasts...those were awesome and whenever the story dealt with them, I was pulled back in. Um...the Maerlyn stuff...wtf was that all about?? The gunslinger remains one of my favorite characters...if this book had only been more about him. Sigh. What I loved most about this book was the expansion of the billy bumbler mythos. That was gold. I love Oy and this book really added to Oy's back story in a unique way.

Do I recommend this DT book? No comment.
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04/26/2012 page 15
5.0% "it's funny how king is trying to make this a book for people who haven't read the first 7. he's dropping back story all over the place. it's a useless endeavor, lol. but i guess it's better marketing to be able to say that you can catch on without having read the other books. i'm surprised about how SHORT this book is. :-/. but the cover is lovely."
05/03/2012 page 105
34.0% "Hmm, it's bitter sweet. the bitter: I'd hoped this would be a story about Jake, Susanna, Eddie and the Gunslinger. But it's a Gunslinger story from the past. Also, all the slang is getting on my nerves. It just is. AND most problematic for ME is that I don't care for the genre of mystery.this isn't mystery but it's taking from it. No room here to explain. The Sweet: This book is quietly terrifying. Classic King."
05/05/2012 page 120
39.0% "AW GOD, a flashback within a flashback?! I am officially annoyed. Seriously, what the hell, King. I'm stamping this is my least liked Dark Tower book. It's a book that refuses to move forward. The well of this story has OBVIOUSLY dried and he's squeezing and squeezing, regardless. Better for him to move on and for us fans to just reread the series."

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message 1: by Ikè (new) - added it

Ikè Don't look now, but you've totally just reviewed it!

message 2: by Rachael (new)

Rachael This makes me sad, The Dark Tower series is one of my favorites. I've been waiting to read this and now maybe I will just skip it.

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