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Chew, Vol. 4 by John Layman
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Nov 11, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** ***SPOILERY PLOT OVERVIEW***

Chapter 1: The "alien writing" in the sky continues, and nobody knows what to make of it. Enforcing the chicken prohibition has taken a back seat, so Chu and Valenzano go to investigate a missing FDA agent who happens to be voresophic: he seems to be near omniscient so long as he's eating. When they find him he's the size of the house, and he soon meets an untimely death, going splat in the middle of the street. Toni is bumped up to top level security at NASA.

Chapter 2: In the wake of the alien sky writing the Russian-American space station, Fisher-Okroshka, suffers an explosion in one of its sectors. Meanwhile, down on Earth a high school geek loses it and causes a violent food fight between his peers. In a stand off with Chu and Colby, he threatens to finish his ~uber deadly recipe and upload it to the internet. He's linked to the explosion on the space station, but then we learn the Vampire from previous volumes is the more likely culprit.

Chapter 3: North Korea is planning to release a biochemical weapon that mimics the deadly avian flu that killed millions, so Chu and Colby team up with the USDA to take them down. Their secret weapon: Poyo!

Chapter 4: Tony and Toni investigate Area 51 and not only find mutant babies born in zero gravity, but that one of the staff has been manufacturing special bullets from fallen meteors. He intends to sell them to the terrorist group E.G.G to kill off the US President, Queen of England, the Pope and Chow Chu. Fortunately he's stopped before he can do so. :)

Chapter 5: Chu and Colby investigate a weird cult that worship eggs, founded by the Yamapalu police department secretary. They supposedly predicted the alien writing in the sky, and she preaches from a book written entirely in the alien script. Colby and Chu steal the book, only to come back and find that the entire church (with the exception of the high priestess) have unwittingly committed ritual suicide.


Yeeeeeah, I'm still not seeing where the series is going. I'm just going to assume all 5 chapters were like standalone episodes, because I just can't make connections between any of them. They were amusing on their own, but then I step back and think 'okay what the fuck was that' :| There were a couple of Fringe references throughout the volume, and I can't help but think the writers were just like 'fuck yeah, let's run with it!' and wrote 5 Fringe-like episodes where Colby, Toni and Tony thwart some sort of culinary or biochemical terrorist plot.

That being said, OMG FUCK YEAH FRINGE REFERENCES. Not only do we get to see badly drawn versions of Olivia, Peter and Walter (I suspect this could be a legal issue regarding royalties and likenesses), but we see numerous references to the Fringe Division on paper, and at Area 51 we also get a glimpse of the odd vibrating cylindrical beacon we saw in Season 1! This is topped off by another great reference to LOST, with ol' smokey lying around in Area 51 ;]

Chew might throw some pretty weird shit at us, but I have to admit I giggled and smiled like an idiot over the mutant-zero-gravity-solar-radiation babies :3 Right after I purchased this I was explaining the series to the owner of my local comic book shop (*gasp* he hasn't read it!) and randomly flipped to the page with the mutant children. I was like 'LOOK IT'S SO WEIRD, IT'S GREAT' and internally was like 'wtf, how are they going to explain this?' After reading it, I'm surprised and happy they actually did manage to explain those cute pudgy little things XD

Overall: I'm at the point now where I'm just disregarding any notion of an overarching plot and just rolling with it. I hope the writers will tie up all the loose ends, but I'm not holding my breath. The chapters function nice enough as standalone episodes, making me laugh, squirm and just go 'WTFFFFF'. It's becoming nonsensical and I could see some readership dying off, but the fun of the journey is enough to keep me reading.
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