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Wildwood by Colin Meloy
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Nov 11, 2011

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bookshelves: adventure, animal-stories, fantasy, grades-5-6, grades-7-8, war-stories
Read in November, 2011

What would you do if your baby brother was suddenly lifted into the sky by a murder of crows to disappear into a forbidden wilderness that you have never set foot in? If you are Prue McKeel you don't think twice about charging right into the woods after him in an attempt to bring him home. Not an army of talking coyotes, a bustling hall of animated animals vying for the attention of the Governer Regents attache, or Dowager Governess with a taste for revenge will stand in her way.
I'm going to start by saying this was 5 stars for me until about halfway through the book, with the big reveal as to why Mac was spirited away by the crows. The big reveal made me feel kinda let down, but it was still 4 stars in my mind. Then by the end I just wanted it to end, so it became 3 stars. I wouldn't say I didn't like this book, I did like this book quite a bit. I referred to it several times as charming, which I think sums the book up in one word perfectly. I just think it suffered from toomuchitis. Too many characters, I started mixing characters up by the end. Too many "bad guys" with both the corrupt government of Southwood and the coyote army led by the ousted and hell bent on revenge Dowager Governess. Focus on one or the other would have made just as satisfying of a story, perhaps even more satisfying. But, there were so many strong points in the story as well. Charming secondary characters from the ragtag coyote army, to the bandits in the prison, to the slow moving bunny and fox from sleepy north woods. I loved them all! Also, a lot of vivid description giving each setting a distinct feeling and making this made up place seem completely real.

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