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The Night Eternal by Guillermo del Toro
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Nov 10, 2011

really liked it

I do really enjoy this vampire take being thrown out there. It's a lot different than the other hiding in the shadows Anne Rice-esque or the "sparkly" ones. The vampires are still scary but still follow a sort of monarchy between there kind, following and doing the bidding of the master. In The Night Eternal the master has transferred himself into another body since Abraham sacrificed his life to attempt to end the life of the master. The beginning takes place two years into the future and a lit has changed. The master and his breed of strigoi has taken over the world. There is always darkness except for 2 hours everyday. The streets are policed by the undead and blood farms are the norm for the rebellious. Our journey follows Eph, Nora, Fet and a few people picked up along the way and their attempts to rebel against the master. Many people are lost among the way but nothing will stop Eph from getting his boy back, who now resides with the master.

I usually don't enjoy novels that skip forward into the future. I like to see the progression of characters and how they came to be in the situations that they are currently in. For example, why are so many people so quickly acclimated to the situation in just 2 year? Are Eph and his people the only rebellious ones? I know that other people, such as the gang leaders, were somewhat mutinous but only in the sense to gain for themselves, not try to rock the boat.

I know that some people are upset over the religious aspects of the whole master's coming to be but found it interesting. I do believe this was a good and fitting ending to the trilogy and was better than The Fall, but not as good as The Strain. I liked the addition of the Born, but was waiting the whole time for him to betray them. Guess I misjudged him. All in all, a good finish to a great series.

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