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Mocked by Destiny by Michele Richard
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Nov 10, 2011

really liked it

Mocked by Destiny tackles the issue of teenage pregnancy. The author tries to give a realistic view of the emotions involved when a teenage pregnancy occurs. The characters, Stella Richards and Stefan Sterling fall in love. Along the way doubts, fears, and life get in the way. There is the classic plot line where misunderstandings and lack of communication lead to situations that could be avoided if the characters just talked about their feelings.

There is a lot going on throughout the story and I admit that I read the book and enjoyed what I was reading. That isn’t to mean that I didn’t get frustrated with the characters at times but it is understandable since I am 39 and the main characters are teenagers. Our thinking is not on the same level. Stella did do things that had me baffled. At some point I was questioning “Are you nuts?, why are you doing that?”. But she was dealing with a pregnancy and I am going to chalk it up to whacked up hormones and the stress of feeling that you have to go it alone.

I do think that the author did a great job of showing the hardship of a teenage pregnancy. She didn’t glorify it or put it down and that in itself makes this a good book. Family was at the heart of this story, both Stella’s family and Stefan’s family. The author did a great job of showing all sides.

The author did leave the reader with an epilogue so we were able to see where the characters ended up years later. There were no questions as to what happened after the story ended. This was the second book I read by Michele Richard. I do like that she writes about topics that can be controversial. The topics are handled delicately and the author doesn’t throw her opinion in the mix. She just relays a story that the reader can get lost in. Her writing is detailed with smooth transitions from one event to another. Her characters are likable and relatable. I recommend giving this author a try. I have had two very satisfying reading experiences from the books by this author.

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