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Immortal City by Scott Speer
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Nov 10, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: 2012, young-adult
Read from June 04 to 07, 2012


My thoughts

Cover: Masculinity flows from the cover. A great pose and strong white/grey wings with cool scenery in the background

Book: Authors are people. People who pen down books.A lot of those are awesome books.Some writers become celebrity in the book world for ex J.K Rowling and Stephenie Meyer .Hollywood celebs are people. A couple of their books have appeared on bookshelves in stores.Some on YA shelves. A lot of readers treat celeb fiction like the plague. I agree some look like trash for example snooki's Jersey Shore fairy tale-esque book written by a ghostwriter. I'm honest to say that i'm weary and hesitant of the Kardashians' YA dystopian out next year.But ,there is a huge BUT people can write great to amazing books. No matter their background.This written down spark, idea, story is one of them.

the 1st time I heard of Im City it drew me in
1st reason: there is a male point of view
2nd : a murder mystery
3th angels

Imagine a world were we idolize Angels.They don't star in movies or tv shows/ They protect us from harm for a prize.Only a select few are under there protection, the mega rich.And every one want a piece of that pie. There are lotteries for protection or shows that are a equivalent of survivor to secure an angel. LA , the HQ. This is Angel City.Jackson Godspeed , our main man is days away to take his place in the ranks of the prestigious Guardians.But horrible things happen. Torn bloody angel wings are deposited on the walk of fame stars of their owners.A murder is on the loose and trough circumstances he meets Maddy. One of the few people not obsessed with the glamour and glitz of the angels, maybe the only girl in Angel City.Will they find the murder before Jackson is next on the chopping block?

I loved how Scott Speer re-imagined LA.It was fun seeing everything angel-fied ranging from ANN(Angel News Network) to Angels Weekly.Very enjoyable after you get used to it. The use of 3th person in multiple (3) point of views was a great method to see a bigger picture at the very end.You get to see how all the pieces fell in to place but still some curiosities left open for the sequel.

Maddy and Jacks are from two different worlds and differ immensely but make each other stronger in the end. I loved how Maddy was herself and not in too the Angel craze but disliked that she had preconceived notions but changed trough out the novel.They are living breathing creatures with emotions. In all the fame and splendor that can make people change, Jacks is level headed,a normal teen ,kind and cares for her.They fell in love at the very end.Real conversations were repeatedly seen and no long stretches of staring at each other was in sight.

The the person that i suspected was complete utter bs when it was revealed who the murderer was. Very scary and bleak at that very moment.Intense,intense intense.

Immortal city had romance, action, suspense and had a detective feel to it. A lot more than your typical run of the mill paranormal/angel book. A lot of though went it too it and the book that surprised the most this year. I can't wait for march to read book two.

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