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Full Disclosure by Camryn Garrett
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CW: blackmail, HIV+ prejudice and stigma, racist microaggressions and fetishization.

I loved this book SO much. For a book that was less than 300 pages, this book did A LOT and it did it all well. First of all, I loved how well balanced it was, for every heavy topic, important discussion, we had a ridiculously funny situation or a happy moment. So even when the book was at its saddest, it never felt like it was overwhelming. Simone is so easy to love, I loved her voice and how effortlessly funny she is , I found myself giggling so many times throughout this book and her perspective just made me genuinely happy. I also LOVED how sex positive it was, and by sex positive I mean FOR EVERYONE, including asexual folks. One of Simone's best friends (Claudia) is an ace lesbian and while we see Simone explore her sexuality, I loved that she does so in such an open manner alongside her best friends, and that we also get to see Claudia talk about how yes there are some ace people who like sex, but she tried it and doesn't want it and that's okay. The other best friend's name is Lydia, she's bi, and I loved their little friend group and how they don't always see eye to eye but they balance each other out.

Then there's the romance which was just...so cute? and really felt like teenage love. I don't know how to explain it. I LOVED Miles, how open and unabashed he was about his crush on Simone, the way she never failed to show it to her and to tell her, and the way the two of them tease each other relentlessly. There was this scene towards the end that involved condoms that had me IN TEARS. If you read the book, you know what i'm talking about, but it was one of the cutest yet funniest scenes I've ever read.

Then we have the "biggest" topic in the book, which is that Simone is HIV+. This is the first YA I've ever read that explores this topic (Like a Love Story is next on my list) and I liked how it showed that HIV itself isn't the problem, that with the current medical advances and the way its treated, we are thousands of miles away from where we were in the 80+ losing people because of AIDS, that HIV+ people can lead normal healthy lives and die of old age, that this illness isn't the big deal people STILL make it out to be. But that the main issue that HIV+ people face is the stigma, ignorance and hate, because although medicine evolved, mentalities haven't and these people are still ostracized and shoved to the margins of societies, and for what reason? And this was really well shown in the way that Simone NEVER struggles with the fact that she's positive, she only struggles with her fear of the way other people will view and treat her once they know.

There's also an underlying theme throughout the book of Simone questioning her sexuality, knowing she's bi but still feeling not bi enough, like she has no claim to the label because of reason X, Y or Z, all of which her entirely internalized. I liked seeing that rep which is SO lacking in books, and also seeing Simone working through it while it never being a huge deal at the same time.

This was just all around an amazing read.
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