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Dust City by Robert Paul Weston
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really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, folktale, fairytale, fiction, animal-relations

This book is the modern story of the traditional folktale, The Little Red Riding Hood. After reading the original so many times, a more modern version brings some twist into the book and almost like a new story.

This book is the the other side of the old story. It gives another persepective and like a "what if" situation to the reader. This is the new and i guess more interesting story because of the full knowledge that people already know from the old fairy tale. I picked this book out for these very reasons, because this story was different. I;m pretty sure that the old fairytale has gotten old and people have lost interest from it. Well, this book brings the interest all back! The old story talks about a wolf who eats little red ridinghood's grandmother and is later saved from a woodsman. This new story gives you a new story to the old story. Like have anybody ever considered about the life of the wolf? Nope, the old story is all about little red and her grandmother. This story is all about the wolf and his life. Like why did he kill little red and her grandmother, did he ever have a family, or a soul mate?

This story is filled with many dark secrets, stuff that people killed for if the knowledge ever got out. That is what the end is about. Where things get resolved. I can't put the book down to not know what ever happened! Like wise people say," Finish what you have started". That is true to many things and this is one of them. A good beginning ends with a relieving and smooth resolution.

I would want Jasmine, Shawna, Sandy and Pei Zhi to read this because they mad a very nice presentation for this very story. I guessing it obviously meant something to them that they chose this because there are many other folktales. This would surely interest them to get the new, modern take on this original.

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