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The Wild Ways by Tanya Huff
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Nov 09, 2011

really liked it
Read from November 09 to 11, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I was madly looking forward to this book and in some ways it satisfied my desire to step back into the world of the Gale Girls. In the first book, Enchantment Emporium we learnt about the Gale family and followed the coming into her power of Alysha Gale. Her cousin, Charlotte "Charlie" Gale was introduced. The Wild Ways is Charlie's story. We follow her to the Breton coast where complications ensue when her Aunt Catherine is helping a rapacious oil company drill a well in the vicinity of a seal rookery used for centuries by the local Selkies.

The reason I am giving it four stars instead of five is that the Amelia Carlson, the oil executive who loses everything, isn't really evil. Yes, she runs an oil company. Yes, she is amoral. But she is working from her world view which says drilling is good because is creates jobs and oil is needed for the modern lifestyle and because she has inherited the company and wants it to continue. Catherine Gale comes to *her* and tells her about the selkies and offers to steal their skins to get them to stop opposing the drilling. Charlie steps in to stop it.

But does Amelia really deserve to "lose everything" by being given the magical horseshoe nail for want of which everything is lost? I'm totally down with stopping the drilling. Also, I totally get that the Gales protect family with measures that includes burying in corn fields and an older, wilder Law. But this wasn't a family matter and the family "doesn't mess with the fey". (Granted that last is honoured more in its breach then otherwise in these two books.)

It leaves me feeling much more ambivalent about the Gales. Also I really missed the witty repartee between Alysha & Charlie in the first book. This book is darker and not as satisfying a read.

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kvon Well yes, Amelia was totally set up as a stereotypically evil business magnate. She asked for the union guy's career to get destroyed because he interrupted her breakfast; she used the minister's gambling problem to place him under her control. She didn't like fiddle music. I was expecting her to say 'maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh'.

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