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The Traitor Prince by C.J. Redwine
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did not like it

Nothing personal but okay . I read the description and I'd like to say a few things ...


Lady obviously has picked up these Arabic words from a couple places but has no idea what they mean. She's randomly thrown them like pineapples on a pizza here and there and that's plain stupid.
Maqbara.. you say in your story is a deadly prison, where some tournaments are held. Well maqbara is quite literally a mausoleum. As in a place that holds a grave. It's not a coincidence, no, she's specifically used Arabic words since she said that her story is based on an old Arabian tale and like I said, she's picked up a few words but from the looks of it has no clue what they mean. I agree it's fiction but places don't change even in fictional stories.

Like I can't call a battleground in my story a church. A church is a church. Prison is a prison. And maqbara is a maqbara. You can't just name places as you wish and call it fiction.

She literally went ahead and named a person Sajda. 🤦‍♀️I understand that in the west there's literally no concept of thinking before naming a person like candy, poppy, dick, north, west, basically anything and everything could be used to name a person . The rest of the world doesn't typically follow that pattern. Again google does help a lot.

Sajda, means prostration. It's an act while in prayer. And she went ahead and named a person sajda. For anyone who's unaware of the word here's an example using an English word. Like if I name someone 'bend'.
"Hi my name is bend " ya understand. Sounds stupid. You don't go ahead and name people with random words. Especially not words of acts used in prayer. That's also disrespectful.

I don't know how the book is , the story might be nice idk but I obviously can't go ahead reading a story where the word Sajda pops up again and again and I have to deal with the fact that it's the name of a human and not something I do while praying five times a day.
Stupidity can only be tolerated a few times.

Also yes Akram is also quite often used to name people . She went ahead and named an entire Kingdom Akram. Lmao.
Like if I call a country in my story Cathy. Cathy has a total area of about 700 150 sq km. Makes sense. No . Exactly .
Also Arabic words are a part of many other languages like Persian , Turkish , Urdu etc so people who speak these languages would recognise these words pretty easily. Like I did.

Javan, hmm. Idk if this is an Arabic word or not. But it definitely is an Urdu word and translates to "youth" . Ok acceptable. But you get the drift right. The whole use of Arabic words and names would have been nice if they'd made sense had they been written in context. Unfortunately they don't. That certainly doesn't mean that the story is bad or anything cuz I repeat, I haven't read it AT ALL. Just the description that's written above.

Aaaaaaand now I don't know how to end this rant so I'll just end it here. Thnx !

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Jennifer (DigiWrit) I doubt that Redwine was being deliberately disrespectful, but I see what you mean about the names. Her inappropriate use of the names, such as in Sajda's case. It sounds rather ignorant. Even if Redwine meant Sajda's name to mean that she was to prostrate herself to the godlike authority of the warden, it still didn't fit. Sajda was defiant and did anything but prostrate herself to that warden.

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