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Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli
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Nov 08, 2011

it was amazing
Read in October, 2011

My book that I choose for contemporary fiction was Maniac Magee.This book is about a boy named Jeffery Magee whoms parents had died in a trolley accident that left him under his aunt and uncles wing until he ran away from their chaotic lifestyle and Maniac became an orphan and changed the racially diverse small town with his astonshing and improbable accomplishments.Maniac Magee had a normal life until his parents where taken from him by a tragic accident.He then had to move in with his aunt and uncle whom had two of everything because they were getting divorced and they had to share Maniac.It became so overwhelming to him that he had to shout just to be heard and embrassed at the school choir because his aunt and uncle fought alot so he decided to never return to school again or his aunt and uncles house so he ran away.He ate wherever he could find food at a strangers house and met a girl whom lended him a book named Amanda Beale. He stayed with them and then ran away again because of his race which wasnt welcomed on the East End. Maniac loved sports,the Beales,the Pickwells,Grayson and Butterscotch krimpets. He encountered discrimination and bullys named Mars Bar and John McNab and had done dares and bets from children in the neighborhood.Maniac taught Grayson how to read,played football,basketball and the kids loved that he was the best string untired boy around town. Maniac discovered he was allergic to pizza.He slept in the zoo with the bison and at the park and anywhere he could find and anyone he became close to. Finally,one day Mars Bar and Maniac became friends and discovered new things about one another. Mars Bar saved one of the the little boys where the trolly tracks were that killed Maniac's parents.Maniac couldnt do it because it reminded him of his parents death. At the end of he novel maniac had a home to call his own thanks to Amanda Beale and Mars Bars help Maniac was never homeless again.
The age group that fits this category is the intermediate group(9-12). the reason I say this is because the story and the vocabulary words are for the most intermedite readers.The children can relate to this fiction based story about death,bullying,frendships,isolation and literary themes like those displayed in this novel. This book takes readers on a journey with the characters and through Maniac's life and his obstacles,trials and tribulations in order to understand and comprehend the story.
There arent many artistic elements in this novel except the front cover of the book and they utalize colors such as cool and warm,texture is smooth and the design and media are very realistic. I would definately reccomend this book to readers of the middle school age. This book tells the story of a young man whom went throgh alot of problems and still became a hero in the town and a person with unbelieveable strength. I loved this book in middle school when I read it because my English teacher made the book more enjoyable and exciting to read since she had to read it and teach it to us and we had to write a paper and get quizzed on the material covered in class. I loved this book more than the movie becausse I felt like the movie was nothing like the book. I believe that Jerry Spinelli did such an amazing job of writing this peice of contemporary fiction for the minds of young middle school readers. The book Maniac Magee was awarded the John Newberry Medal for the most distinguished contribution to American Literature for Children.

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