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Threshold by Patricia J. Anderson
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really liked it

"Everything is connected. And in theory, any individual element could reveal information about every other element in the universe."

It is an oversimplification of the "Implicate Order" concept, developed by the theoretical physicist, David Bohm. And, it is also the basis of this interesting piece of writing by Patricia J. Anderson.

The story utilize the well known 'satire' as a means of expressing the real state of politics, leaders and the current situation in the world.

This would be my first attempt at reading a book written by this author. When I started reading the book, I had no idea whatsoever about the author or about what I might find inside the book. But, the moment I have read the prologue, I was already enjoying it and was aroused by so much curiosity, that I had to keep on reading in order to quench my thirst.

The story revolves around a monkey named Banshooo. He accepts it as his destiny to go on a perilous journey to find proof for 'the connection' between the seen and the unseen, that he believes is vital for their very existence. He presumes that this proof could ensure the survival of Ooolandians, who are on the verge of annihilation as a result of their own recklessness.

While reading, I found Taboook to be the most favourable character. He is honest. He lives in the moment. He uses his witty nature mixed with raw sarcasm to express the most cold truths, in a carefree manner.

The story is well written. The background environment, the nature as well as the unusual sceneries unique to the story are explained conscientiously, so as to successfully paint a picture of immense beauty in the minds of the reader without any difficulty. This prevents the reader from guessing and fumbling in the dark, wondering where, how and what the hell did just happen.

The writer, in my point of view, has succeeded in sustaining the curiosity of the reader throughout the story. While keeping the readers looking forward to what might happen next, it sometimes will have the reader reflecting on their own behaviour, and their real place in the web of life.

The story depicts how we have been disregarding the fact that we're merely a part of nature, and explains how trying to control nature as we want, have eventuated in cataclysmic aftereffects. The highly sensitive yet, somehow, completely ignored facts about the status quo in the world has been discussed in an understandable and simple approach.

To provide the essence of the story: what we're engaged in right now, wrecking havoc and interfering in the things we have barely any idea of, is influencing everything badly. The effect spreads like a tremble that spreads through a spider web when a small part of it is disturbed. The story is focused on the present, and explains how one decision we make now, can change the future of every living being drastically.
It's true nobody gives a damn, but it's about time we do!

This book would be an eye-opener to anyone who is oblivious to the current situation in the world and its consequences that are bound to follow. But, it can also be read simply for enjoyment as an adventure/sci-fi novel.
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