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11/22/63 by Stephen King
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Nov 08, 2011

it was amazing
Read from November 08, 2011 to March 03, 2012 — I own a copy

I finished this book yesterday but waited until today to write my review because I didn't want to gush, but I still feel the same way today - this book is so awesome. I'm definitely a Stephen King fan, but I think people who have never read his books would love this one. The concept of time travel and the consequences is something that is always fascinating, if we change one thing in history, how does it affect the world for years to come?

King's descriptions of how life was in the early 60's is so realistic, I felt like I was there (well, I actually WAS there). He talks about so many details from that time, things I once knew but had forgotten, like Ship 'n Shore blouses for girls, Ban-lon slacks for men, drive-in movies, and the concept of seeing these things my life in 2011.

This story is not typical King, there are no creepy-crawlies, no monsters waiting in the closet. There is a very fine, touching love story that is interwoven throughout the story. I actually cried 3 times toward the end of the book, something I've never experienced before in a King book, and I've read everything he has written. I was a little concerned about how it was going to end, was he going to have an unsatisfactory end, leave us hanging? But no, the ending wrapped up the story very nicely, maybe not the way we want it to, but still very nicely. At the end, the story was truly "finished", doesn't leave you to draw your own conclusions.

I loved this book so much I wish I could have a do-over. I know I can always read it again, and experience nuances that I missed the first time, but I can never read it with the same sense of anticipation and just pure happiness that I did the first time. Please read this book, you will love it!

3/3/2012 Just finished listening to this book for the second time, love it!
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message 12: by Andrea (Dre) (new) - added it

Andrea (Dre) I am dying to know how this book is! Let me know if you liked it!

Patricia OMG, I'm at 35% right now on my Kindle and it is SO awesome!! Even better than I expected.

message 10: by Andrea (Dre) (new) - added it

Andrea (Dre) Yay!!! I saw an excerpt in the Entertainment Weekly magazine and it sounded so good. Thank you for letting me know!

Patricia Today's update, I'm at 50% and loving every minute of it. I think I'm gonna cry when I finish this book :) Or I might just go right back and read it again!

Christine (Cagnes) I guess I'll have to bump this one up on my tbr pile!

Carisa Burns Yay. I'm glad you loved it. I really can't wait to read it now. Just have to get me a copy...soon as that next paycheck comes in, I'm all over it.

Misty Vauble guess I'm going to read this sooner than I anticipated but I still NEED to read a few others first.... We'll see if that actually happens lol

message 5: by Kathryn (new) - added it

Kathryn I'm basically not a Stephen King fan, just never could get into his horror books, but you say this isn't his typical book and it does sound good. Might consider reading it sometime, but 16.99 is pretty steep of a price and since Simon & Schuster doesn't want to paticipate in library lending, I may just have to wait or at least try the sample to see how I like it.

Sharon Just saw your review today, Patricia (2/24/12) but it says you read back in Nov. 11 (weird posting glitch maybe). Anyway, this is on my reading schedule for March so really looking forward to getting to it, esp now that I have read your glowing review. I have been a Stephen King fan since I read The Stand and IT many, many moons ago. I hit a block when I tried to read Cell and haven't read anything since so hopefully, this will get me back to reading his books again.

Patricia Hi Sharon, good to hear from you! Maybe the reason it showed up as new is because I'm actually re-reading this book already....well, I'm listening to my audio book version. So I posted it under my "Reading Now" on Goodreads so maybe that made it show up again. I think you will love this book, I haven't heard of many people who didn't. It is not typical King at all, no monsters or anything like that. And I agree, Cell was not one of his better works. I've been listening to audio books in my sewing room for the past several months, listened to Bag of Bones and Needful Things, I had not read them for years. Stephen King narrates both of those, which made it that much better!

Keep me posted as you are reading it. I hope you love it.

Casey Having only ever read some SK short stories, I have been totally sucked into this book!! I can't get enough time to read, and when I do - don't disturb me! Foe those who 'don't like' SK or his normal genre, absolutely give this one a go - really! Borrow it, or get on the library waiting list, or maybe even break donw and buy it (that's what I did) and am glad I did! Just awesome!

Maureen diane--i just finished this one last month and i wish i had saved it to read on vacation! loved it also.

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