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The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg
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'What if, instead of being social, she simply prefers spending her time lost in her favorite book?'

Totally reminiscent of Westworld complete with a theme park, violence especially towards animals (who are hybrids but still) and a budding romance cut short because murder which I just found ??, TBH. I usually love books where AIs become more human, but seeing the males objectify the princesses (and then the insinuation that they get raped on the regular and then their memories get wiped), the princess calling their creator Daddy, and the initial jealousy between older and newer models of Fantasists (who are all women, obvs), it became a bit too cringe for me.

Oh and it never felt like the book is set way ahead in 2096 because so many things, except the hybrid technology, read like being set in the present day so not at all impressive world-building to speak of. Like it was way too easy for them to find places in the theme park with spotty WiFi and just yeah.

I did really like the hybrid animals, though and that the love interest is Taiwanese American but that's mostly it. It was honestly so much more interesting reading about the interactions between the hybrid princesses more than anything else the book has to offer. I also liked the discourse about just where we're headed technology-wise

In all, The Kingdom does have some great moments and it's an extremely fast read so the thriller aspect is also there with a couple of twists...except it's been done a lot already and better. Maybe I've read too many books about androids developing feelings or maybe this was done in the same-old way that I was like eh, whatever about most of it. At one point, I honestly thought the main character would fall in love with another princess and that'd easily have been such a better book LOL

Favorite quotes: 'I know that I am happy, although it seems very similar to sad.'

'Humans are capable of such cruelty. Such horror.
And in order to become one … I’ve had to become capable of that, too.'
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