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Rapture by Lauren Kate
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Nov 08, 2011

it was ok
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Actual rating is 2.5 stars. Yeah, I know right? I expected to give a lower rating.

So. That's it, then. I've finally ended this hot mess of a series.

And . . . surprisingly, I'm satisfied.

I will admit that I actually gave Passion, the third book in the series, a three-star rating. It was not as painfully horrible as the first two books, which I both gave one star ratings. But still, even though I did quite like Passion, my hopes for the final book in the series were still extremely low. Hell, my hopes for this series had always been low from the very start. I thought that Passion was just a brief ascendance in the series and that Rapture was going to take it right back down the hill again at full speed.

I was kind of right, in a way. But it only went downhill for about a few miles and then it just stopped. And very very slightly ascended again.

Basically, I'm surprised that I didn't feel disappointment after finishing this final installment. I felt relief, sure, that the series finally ended. But I also felt satisfaction, because I think the series ended in the best way it possibly could. I could think of several even worse endings.

So the main reason I'm giving this book a higher rating is because of how it ended. And well . . . I think that really is the only reason. Oh, and maybe Cam is one of the reasons too, even though there's barely enough of him in this book. I will admit now that I love Cam. I really do.

Anyways, now onto the fails.

As usual the writing is dull and lifeless, and painfully cheesy. You can't go through a single paragraph without seeing the word "love" or things of that nature at least two times. The whole romance in this series is one of the most ridiculous YA romances ever, and I really dislike how the word love is constantly thrown around like it means nothing. You can't fall in love with someone instantly over and over again. I know this is a paranormal romance, but if you're gonna make it take place in the 21st century, you could've at least made it a little bit realistic.

Luce during most of the book is pretty much the usual bleak, lost puppy that can't do anything without Daniel that we all know and love to hate. I feel like the author just threw in the few scenes where she did something helpful by herself just to make us believe that she isn't completely helpless, but even those scenes didn't save her. Luce is probably the most pathetic heroine in YA history. Most of the book she's just carried around in Daniel's manly arms, and during most of the action sequences she's always the observer or captive. But I guess since she's human she can't do anything among immortal fallen angels. At least that's realistic.

I have nothing to say about Daniel, really. He was just bleh in this book. In the first book he was a grade-A asswipe, in Torment he was super controlling and treated Luce like she was his daughter, and in Passion he was . . . well, I don't know, to be honest. I feel the same way about Daniel as I did when reading Passion. His personality just faded, and I pretty much stopped caring about him entirely.

As for the plot, I thought it was very tedious. Most of the time we just see the gang flying around looking for stuff. We meet a few new characters—one of them I actually liked a lot, but Lauren Kate decided to kill them off. Of course. But anyways, something happens nearing the end that made me go all "What the actual eff is going on?" at first and just didn't make any sense at all, but continuing further, I ended up thinking it was a pretty interesting twist. One I actually didn't expect.

I was going to give this probably 1.5 stars, or at the very most 2, but the end made me raise it a little higher because I'll admit it was a pretty decent way to end a series. If I had to rate the series as a whole, I would probably rate it about 2 stars. Ish.

All in all, this series was a hot mess. It was filled with lows, but it had a few highs as well, and it wrapped up nicely. I don't think this is the worst series I've ever read, but I can't say that it wouldn't be on my top five. If you haven't read the first book, I suggest you avoid it, though.

But if you really wanna give it a try, then help yourself. I made it out alive and with barely any bruises or scratches, so maybe it'll be the same for you.

I warn you, though, you have to prepare for the worst when starting. Don't come yelling at me if you find yourself losing several of your brain cells.
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91.81% ""Don't let him flip you off next time."\n \n xD Oh Cam, I love you. I will admit that right away without shame: I love Cam."
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message 1: by Wrathsqueen (new) - added it

Wrathsqueen i totally agree

message 2: by Claudia (new)

Claudia B. The surprising thing is that people actually hate the book but keep on with the series. It scares me. haha!

message 3: by Julie (new) - added it

Julie gosh i stopped half way through bc of that

Cheshire You know, if you really spend your time reading books you dislike,and have a long review.. Then you must have HELL of a long time.

Usually the person would stop reading after the first book. Not finish it to have the luxury of a shit review.

shady boots | #TeamMizCracker Cheshire wrote: "You know, if you really spend your time reading books you dislike,and have a long review.. Then you must have HELL of a long time.

Usually the person would stop reading after the first book. Not f..."

I just wanted to see how this series ends. o_O It's not like I read books JUST so I can review them. Besides, if this book was really painfully bad, I would've stopped after several pages.

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