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Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire
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May 29, 2008

it was amazing

This book gives a whole new view on the Cinderella, one that is completely believable. It offers a real setting(not just a land far, far away or a long time ago) and speaks of real people. It makes you think. Is beauty a gift or a curse? It offers a brave, out-of-the-ordinary heroine, one of the ugly stepsisters herself. The narrator shows you a new perspective on the Cinderella story. Perhaps the wicked stepsisters were not so wicked. Perhaps they had lives too. Perhaps their lives were actually better because they were not so beautiful. This seems to be a gift of Gregory Maguire's, to take old, well-known fairy tales, and make you question them. He can turn the clear antagonist of the story into a most wonderful, good protagonist. It makes you look deep, past looks, past what everyone else tells you.
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Librosencatados sounds interesting- I'll have to read it:)

message 2: by Kei (new)

Kei OMG. Thanks for giving commentary without:

A) writing a book report that tells the beginning, middle, and end


B) being phenomenally long-winded!

Sometimes all people want to know is if you liked/disliked it and why/why not.

Anyway, I've just started reading this one and so far, it's intriguing.

message 3: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Waller I enjoyed this book as well for many of the same reasons. Throughout my life I've always been fascinated with variations of fairytales and I've read countless different versions and spin-offs. I enjoyed this one in particular because I love how detailed it was. Maguire's detailed descriptions and ability to make the reader question what they previously thought are two of the biggest reasons that I like his books.

message 4: by Mari (new) - rated it 1 star

Mari Unordinary heroine? How? She is the typical, not the attractive, but the feminist "jem" variety. This is just a justification of sour grapes. If you think think this is true, you probably hate women as much as this writer does.

Beth What I liked best is that Iris' appearance, whatever is was, is irrelevant. She was smart, caring, helped people, had Great dimension. Physical beauty may or may not impact one's life in a positive way. Although I wish GM had made the characters and story more interesting and complex, his message iis very well made.

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