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From Here to You by Jamie McGuire
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Darby just 'Runaway-Brided' it from her own wedding. But she has a good reason - her fiancé is an abusive a**hole! And ... she's kinda pregnant - which she just found out in the bathroom at church.
She's not raising a kid with that guy.

Her best friend gives her some money and drops her at the bus station.
Off to Colorado she goes.
After selling her wedding dress and buying some normal clothes, she immediately finds a job at a very busy hotel. Busy because all those sexy hotshot firemen stay there. Some huge wildfires are close by.

Scott Trexel - Trex - is also staying in that hotel. He's in town for his new job. He's 35 and has been in the military foreve and then in the FBI for a bit and now he's working with a secret private security team. His first day is tomorrow.

As soon as he meets Darby he's sure he's finally found the future Mrs. Trex.

But of course the girl is way too skittish and scared and hurt for a new relationship. And also ... she's pregnant by another guy, who might or might not have given up looking for her!




Well.... Cute Romance ... BUT ;)

I already wanted to stop reading after 1 or 2 chapters. I just hate religion and everything connected to it. And there was so much praying and god and church and bible in those first pages already. Ugh.

But I also wanted to keep on reading. I was waiting for that story for so long. And I wanted to meet lots of Maddoxes again!!! And I did meet them. Taylor & Tyler are staying in that hotel too! Their stories/books are taking place at the same time!☺

But this story. Yes... it was cute and sweet and a bit funny and exciting toward the end. But it's not really anything new. We know she's pregnant and we know that her ex is not done with her. So nothing what happens really comes as a surprise.

Trex is great, but he's also a bit sappy with his insta-love-destiny kind of thing.
Thank god he's on my side with all that religion stuff!

The book was too long - it was filled with too much unnecessary stuff. Too much back and forth between Darby and Trex - she doesn't trust him - he doesn't tell her the whole truth! Which - surprise surprise - turns into fighting! Ugh.

It could've been an amazing romantic suspense, but Jamie almost didn't do anything with that secret military compound where Trex works. There could've been some amazing excitement - but nope... for such a long book, they weren't at that compound often enough - or with exciting enough moments. Only one basically. Maybe future books will tell us about that more!
We're mostly at the hotel - which was cute. Interesting.

It was an okay story. Just not amazing!

But I liked Trex and Darby, and all the others. Great supporting cast - I will definitely read all upcoming books about the others!

I enjoyed reading this book. It was just not as good as it could've been.
100 pages less and more action, more excitement, more adorably funny moments, a few more moving moments.
Also - what's with the cover? Roses and smoke? I suppose there is smoke from the fires but I still don't get it. Not in love with that cover - it looks bloody and doesn't fit the romance part at all.

BUT - don't get me wrong - even if it sounds like I did - I didn't hate the book. It was an ok read - lots of readers will really love it. Trex is really swoonable! ☺

FROM HERE TO YOU was a really adorable & exciting romance! Run to your nearest amazon asap for your own Trex - he'll be sold out in NO TIME!


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