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The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston
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Before I start, can someone explain this cover to me? What's with those shoes? I don't understand the shoes. They have nothing to do with the story and they look like 5-inch heeled booties. Well, not booties, whatever the next size up is called. Anyway in what time period did Bess/Eliza/Elise/Elizabeth wear 5-inch booties on a daily basis? Please explain to me the meaning of this cover! It's bothering me to no end!

So I started this and was madly in love by the end of the first chapter. It was exactly the witchy kind of book I eat up like Cookie Monster nomming chocolate chip cookies. I could not get enough.

The writing was enchanting, the story solid, the characters interesting, the plot fascinating, I loved it all. I even enjoyed the present day Elizabeth telling her backstory; in fact, I loved present day Elizabeth's little town and her garden and her stall in the marketplace and her unlikely friendship with a lonely girl from down the road.

But then I started to feel that maybe Elizabeth wasn't the sharpest spoon in the drawer. It was somewhere during her second story that I began to wonder how she kept getting tricked even though she'd lived, like, 200 years. By her third story, I was done with her. I mean, I've only lived 45 years and have not been chased around the globe by some demonic psychopath for the majority of my life and even I could see the ridiculous trap that was once again being laid for our dimwitted little witch. How did she just blunder into that...again? Present day Elizabeth seems to have her act a little more together, though she's still rather slow on the uptake when, really, she should have figured out what was going on way before I did.

By the end, the glamour had fallen away to reveal a solid story that had turned wobbly, like an apple that looks good but the backside it all rotten and squishy. I enjoyed a good 2/3 of it but was vastly irritated by that last 1/3. Had I read it, I would have been less inclined to give it more than 2 stars but the narrator for this is phenomenal and carried me through that last bit when I'd have faltered on my own.

I'm still going to read the rest of the series, although I can't find the next one on audio so I might skip it for now - it's about a different witch, anyhow - and go onto the 3rd or maybe straight to the 4th which looks like it picks up where this one left off.

Absolutely NOT recommended for Debbie.
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message 1: by Measured (new)

Measured I'd say the cover was meant to convey witch shoes? Like

The other aspect I think was to convey a historical book, though not necessarily the correct historical period.

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