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Unholy Ghosts by Stacia Kane
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Nov 07, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in October, 2011

I love this book. Words cannot express the love I have for this book. Chess! Terrible!

Chess Putnam is a junkie. She pop pills, snorts powders, and smokes 'Dream' in the Downside area of Triumph City just to get her through the day. She's also a debunker for the Church of Real Truth--a mix of detective, ghost hunter, and witch. She's done her damndest to keep these two sides of her life separate, but when her drug dealer, the sleazy but shrewd Bump, wants her help to de-ghost an old airport, the two come crashing together. Throw in a strange attraction to Bump's enforcer Terrible, and their rival dealer Lex, and Chess might be in over her head.

First of all, please don't be put off by the drug use. It's graphic, but never gratuitous. It is integral to Chess's character--and character development--and it rings so very true. The world building is fantastic and very unique, and hinges on the simple premise that ghosts are real, and they are out for blood. Only the Church of Real Truth--a combination religion and government--keeps them from walking the earth and destroying humanity. Chess works as a debunker for the Church, and it's the only thing in her life that she has real pride in. She's an addict, plain and simple, and she knows it. If she lost her job, she knows her life would spiral out of her control, so when Bump blackmails her into using her magical skills for him, she can't say no.

And then there's Terrible. Oh, Terrible! We're introduced to him as Bump's enforcer--a hulking mass of a man whose face looks like someone used it as a punching bag. Bump assigns him to Chess as a combination bodyguard and keeper--but he quickly becomes more than that. Chess's relationship with Bump is really a highlight of the book--like Chess, the reader starts to understand and feel for him, without ever really forgetting that he beats people for money and has a face even a mother might not be able to love. Their interactions are so true to the voice of the characters, in all their flawed and totally fucked-up glory.

Overall, this book is a great urban fantasy novel--and a fabulous introduction to a new series. The eBook is also on sale for just $0.99!! Skip your morning coffee, and buy Unholy Ghosts--trust me, it's a lot tastier.

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