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Drought by Pam Bachorz
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Nov 06, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: dystopian-apocalyptic

I'm just going to explain the entire thing, because the book's not worth reading.

Ruby longs to escape from the only life she knows, as part of the Congregation ruled by a terrible Overseer who demands the special Water they collect that provides immortality. But only a select few know that it's Ruby's blood that makes the Water special. Also she's 200 years old, falls in love, and her father may be Jesus.

This is your typical teenage girl-in-repressive-society-starts-thinking-for-herself thing. Ruby is unique only because it's taken her 200 years to reach the maturity level of a 17-year-old.

(view spoiler)

So you can see it's not a great story anyway. But THEN there are so many things left unanswered or not thought out that it's even worse.

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With so much stuff unresolved it's almost like it's setting itself up for a sequel, except it's written in a way that makes me suspect that there will not be one. So it ends with (view spoiler)
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message 1: by Jeremy (new)

Jeremy Thanks for this review...all the negatives are things I care about, so I definitely won't be reading. :)

Carly Ahh, thank you. This is perfect. You kind of summed up my feelings about this book too. It was disappointing and nothing really came together and made sense. I hated the romance too. I couldn't even put into words my feelings on this book. But you did an awesome job.

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