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Red Mojo Mama by Kathy Lynn Hall
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Nov 06, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: personal-favorite, fun

Kathy Lynn Hall's inaugural novel is fun, fun, fun! Lydia "Red" Talbott is so full of life that she almost jumps off the page and invites the reader to the next Luau at her Trailer Park. You'd probably accept too because Joe and Bob and Evelyn and Millie and Donny and Jimmy and Judy seem like folks you've known all your life -- and who doesn't like a good pool party?

Then there's Mac who is Lydia's deceased husband. He pops up from time to time to warm her heart and offer support. Funny thing is, even though "Red Mojo Mama" doesn't SEEM like a ghost story, Mac adds a clever little dimension to the yarn that kept me chuckling while putting a face on something we all feel from time to time -- longing.

Of course, you can't have a gang of good guys without a bunch of evil-doers and Nuggetville has more than its share of shady characters, corrupt politicians, and ne're do wells. There's even a slutty middle-aged reporter slithering around the edges of the plot. That way, while Red is getting to know her way around town, she can solve a mystery or two and earn her wings as resident good ole gal. Who doesn't love it when the city buzzards get their come uppances and the good-neighbor types get justice?

And romance -- a jolly good read needs romance and even with a ghostly husband hanging around, Lydia manages to hook up with the hunk of the town and generate a little heat appropriate for a woman nicknamed "Red."

And a puppy! I ask you, how can you resist a book that ends with a puppy named Mac?

The best thing about "Red Mojo Mama" is that it does what the author sets out to do -- entertain the masses. Ms. Hall doesn't take herself or her tale too seriously. She creates homey peeps living in a homey town and let's them dance on your kindle screen. It's kinda like reality-TV gone country -- one more guilty-pleasure to hide under the couch when company comes.

Joyce Faulkner
Author of USERNAME, CHANCE ... and other horrors, & IN THE SHADOW OF SURIBACHI

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