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The Pledge by Kimberly Derting
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I already wrote a review for The Pledge but it was crappy, so let's do this shit again!

I loved the concept of this book. Ms. Derting's novel takes us to future America, now called Ludania, where classes are divided by language. Language! How amazing. How unique! How creative! As a linguist student, I became so interested with the topic. I thought this was one of the best ideas I've ever heard in a while. I hoped this book would be fun, with some good action, good adventure, and good romance....

But was that what I got?

Not at fucking all.

I got a too stupid to live girl with a slutty friend and another stereotypical love interest. The pacing was slow, I got bored really fast, and the writing was mundane.

Honestly, the concept was so, so, so, so good, but the execution was terrible! Is that even possible? Why? There were so many fucking logical farts.

In Ludania, classes are so strictly divided. It's like the caste system in ancient India, so, so strict. It's like the class system in 1984. There is basically no mobilization. Once you're born, you're stuck. The class system is so strict that a lower-class person can't even look at a higher-class person's eye when interacting. They have to bow and keep their head down. But for some reason, Derting thinks it's okay to suddenly insert this night club. This night club is the place where all rules are broken. Where you can socialize with ALL DIFFERENT CLASSES. Ohhhhhhhhhh, you're so smart, Derting! You found a loophole!


If you couldn't tell, that was pure sarcasm. But honestly, fuck that shit. You really think that there is place for everyone to be as one? If I were fucking wealthy and had people bow down to me, why would I go down to the fucking crib and party with the lower-class people? Why wouldn't I just throw a party and have a little fun myself with the richer kids? That doesn't make sense.

During the intense segregation in the southern states of the former Confederacy, do you think there was a place for African-Americans and Caucasian-Americans to fucking party and dance together? If there was, I'm pretty sure not a lot of people went to those. The Jim Crow laws were scary, man. You break them and there are terrible, severe consequences, and at the time, the Caucasian-Americans wouldn't really go to those. Try to see it in that perspective.

Discrimination sucks, I'm pissed now.

There were more logical errors, but I don't remember the book anymore, so whatever.

The Pledge is insignificant, and so is the author.

"Was your dad a baker? Cause you've got a nice set of buns!"

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March 8, 2012 –
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8.67% "Very, very interesting concept, but terrible terrible pacing...zzzzzzZzZZZZZzzzZZzz"
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March 8, 2012 –
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15.48% "This sketchy ass club our main characters are in right now is such bull. It's Miss Derting's excuse to make everyone "normal." With that rigid as hell type of social class―no mobilization whatsoever― there is no fucking way someone from an upper class would even accept a small glance from a lower class citizen. Not at all. And if Brooklynn is sexy and hot like Charlie describes her, Y U ONLY CONFIDENT TO GUYS? Slut."
March 8, 2012 –
page 61
18.89% "I'm being completely serious. Why would the wealthy, upper class people want to party, get drunk, and have sex with the poor, lower class people when they can do the same with other wealthy people?? And Charlie, Y U HAVE NO CONFIDENT AROUND BOYS?"
March 9, 2012 –
page 63
19.5% "Wonderful! Ms. Derting basically just admitted to her readers that what we have here is indeed insta!love: "Just a few words exchanged, a smile, scant minutes spent together at the club, and already he was tortured and restless." OH. HELL. NO."
March 10, 2012 –
page 96
29.72% "I thought we were all past this sort of Twilight shit. "I probably shouldn't be here at all. But you intrigue me, and I had to see you again." I'm-dangerous-but-I-instalove-you is not so cool anymore, writers."
March 10, 2012 –
page 121
37.46% "I really can't do this right now. Brooklynn's annoying attitude, this fucking messed up relationship beteeen Max and Charlie ("you fascinate me." Why is he so infatauted with this girl?! Did I skip a chapter or something??), the not good prose skillz, and......UGH. [throws book across the room]"
March 11, 2012 –
page 145
44.89% ""But Aron was against Brook's rules...At night it was supposed to be just the two of us. Her rule was absurd, really, considering she found new friends every time we went out and was quick to abandon me if the opportunity rose." Charlie, someone like that is NOT your friend. Please understand that! God. You are so stupid."
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March 11, 2012 – Shelved as: so-much-potential-but-no

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