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Gunmetal Magic by Ilona Andrews
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Favorite Quote: “From the moment I was born, I learned I had two choices: to fight or to die.”

Andrea made a choice to remain with the Order instead of riding with Kate to the Pack when the shifters call for help. In doing this, she sealed her fate with the boudas and with her lover, Raphael. Months later, Andrea is standing on the corner of depression and heartbreak. Having been forced into early retirement by the Order for being a shapeshifter and no longer with Raphael, Andrea is feeling lost and broken. Now working with Kate at her investigative firm, Cutting Edge, Andrea gets a chance to right some wrongs when a rash of shifter murders falls across her desk. The problem? She has to work with Raphael.

Raphael has had it easy all his life. His mother is the alpha of the boudas and he has been treated like a favored prince all his life. When Andrea didn’t do what he thought she should do, his pride was hurt more then anything and after verbally eviscerating her, he left her. With the murder of his crew, Raphael knows he will have to work closely with Andrea. Can he forgive her? Will he forgive her? And most of all…will she forgive him?

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of the writing team Ilona Andrews. From the moment I snatched Magic Bites out of that little old lady’s hand, I was hooked by this world they have built. This is an urban fantasy series that maintains the perfect balance between action, adventure, and romance. Sly, witty humor permeates the series, which keeps it from becoming too dark. Heavily character driven, you find yourself becoming intimately connected with these people. Their joy, sorrow, successes, and failures transcend paper and bleeds into your consciousness.

I have waited a long time for Andrea’s story. Kate’s BFF, Andrea’s life has been a study in lies and deceptions. Born beastkin, she was horrifically abused by her former pack until she and her mother ran away. From that day on Andrea did everything humanly possible to never be made a victim again. She joined the Order, hid her shapeshifter status, and excelled at weaponry. Magic Bleeds was the point of no return for Andrea. One choice causes her to lose her autonomy, and in losing that, she lost it all. She disappeared for a few months, abandoning Raphael and Kate. Now she’s back, and while Kate has forgiven her, Raphael has not. Andrea knows she will have to do some bowing and scraping, but when Raphael decides to come to her office for a meeting, bringing with him his new honey bunny, all bets are off. Andrea makes the decision to stop trying to be what she’s not and embrace what she is.

I examined myself sitting there. I’d held back for so long. I’d been good for so long. I’d always did as expected. I followed the rules and regulations. Look where it got me. Being good hurt.

Andrea is HILARIOUS in here. She excels with her take no crap from no one attitude that we have grown to love but in here she takes it to a whole new level. Andrea the knight was scary. Andrea the beastkin is terrifying. While Andrea is investigating the murders, she is also trying to deal with Raphael and keep Aunt B from dragging her into the fold. The dialogue between Andrea and Raphael will keep you rolling as the sarcasm and insults fly between them.

"It not enough you bring your floozy in to my office, now you’re harassing my intern?"
"Intern, huh. Just what is he learning under you?
"Are you alright? First you replace me with a bimbo, now you’re feeling threatened by a fifteen year old boy? Did something happen to give you an inferiority complex?"
"That boy has a long resume of sleeping with adult women and you looked a bit desperate last time I saw you."
I pictured myself reaching through the phone and slapping him off his chair. "Thank you for your concern, but have no fear. I prefer men, not boys. That’s why I’m not with you anymore."

What makes this story so delightful is the way family is interwoven into it. Andrea has never had a “real” family. She thought the Order was her family but she soon learns that she was just an expendable weapon for them to use. Her prejudice concerning the pack dates back to her childhood. Yet, throughout the book, Andrea is given many examples of how the pack considers her family.

The main conflict and romance are both solid well balanced storylines that blend together perfectly; intertwining and elevating each other. Andrews introduces Egyptian mythology which makes for an interesting villain and plotline. We see many favorite characters in here. Ascanio maintains a solid presence in here as Andrea’s partner in crime. He is altogether adorable in his desperate petitions for more freedom. Kate and Curran make a few key appearances while Roman, the volhv we met in Magic Slays, also enters the fray when Andrea enlists his help. Roman is deliciously funny and I hope he gets his own story. Of course, no story in this series is complete without Doolittle. His medmage ways are a constant source of delight to me.

The conclusion is filled with nerve racking action and heart stopping decisions as Andrea fights to save herself and everyone she loves from a power hungry God. Ilona Andrews once again produces a gold medal winner with Gunmetal Magic. As I stated in the beginning, I am a huge fan of this series and will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen to me. Though this story has a fully resolved main conflict, I do not recommend reading out of order. You need to start with the first in the series-Magic Bites- or you lose out on the overall arc advancement and character development that makes this series so unique. I want to add that the Christmas freebie novella, Magic Gifts, is also included.

Overall Rating: A
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Blodeuedd Finland OMg MUST HAVE :D

Julie *Squee* Told you it was fantastic!!!

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Woot! Looking forward to your review!

Keren I am so jealous!

Nicole Reading now...SO DAMN EXCITED!!

(Tori-Smexybooks) smexys_sidekick Nicole wrote: "Reading now...SO DAMN EXCITED!!"

I <3 Andrea so freaking much. LOL I really hope Roman gets his own story. I love him to DEATH!!

Nicole Duuuude does that mean what I think it means?? I'll DM you *G*

Anna (Bobs Her Hair) Tori wrote: I <3 Andrea so freaking much. LOL I really hope Roman gets his own story. I love him to DEATH!!

Roman is a humorous character I would like to see more of. I hope he pushes some of Raphael's buttons in Gunmetal Magic. Also, looking forward to Ascancio sidekick moments. LOL

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