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Shadow Crown by Kristen Martin
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it was ok

I was fooled y’all.

The cover to this book is freaking beautiful and I really love the author. I started watching her Authortube channel back when I first started working on my current WIP. She is an indie author, has a podcast, works in the coporate world, and a whole bunch of other things. She has self-published 4 books and they have all made the best sellers list on Amazon. Needless to say I was really excited to finally pick up one of her books.

In a sitution like this it’s really hard to seperate the author from the book. The author has this writing program she offers for 2000$ and after reading her fourth, not debut, novel I don’t feel like she is qualified to ask for peoples money to give them any type of writing advice.

Let’s get into the actual review so you guys can understand some of why I am saying that.

Shadow Crown follows our main character Arden who is an assassin for the king. She is 1 out of 5 of the kings assassins known as the Creux. The king sends her on a mission with another assassin named Rydan and the mission basically goes awry. Arden finds out why the king wants these people dead and doesn’t agree so she runs away and leaves Rydan, supposedly one of her best friends??, to take the fall for the misson not being completed because he thought they should complete it.

Honestly, the plot wasn’t really there??? I didn’t feel like there was a overall plot or something we were trying to reach. Things would just happened and it was kind of like ‘oh, that’s what we are doing now? okay.’.

My first problem I had with this book is ALL OF THE FREAKING GRAMMATICAL ERRORS!!! Y’all, I’m no one to talk because I suck at spelling and over use commas, BUT I’m not charging people 2000$ for my writing workshop where I offer editing advice/services.

When I noticed the first mistake I ignored it, a lot of self-published authors can’t always afford to pay thousands for a professional editor so I’m not too harsh. But, the errors started to just slap me in the face and I couldn’t focus on anything else. There was one point in the book when one of the characters said, ‘make ends MEAT’ MEAT MEAT MEAT!!! Not meet but meat like freaking chicken. I can see myself making a mistake like this when I am in the writing zone, but there were so many mistakes like this that I started to wonder if she just skim read through her manuscript after finishing it. If she paid someone to edit this for her, she should asks for her money back. If she edited herself then I don’t think she should be charging anyone anything for her editing advice/services.

My next problem was with all of the different POVs. Arden’s POV was first person, but then we got 5 other POVs in third person. By making Arden’s POV first person you would think she is our main character and we are supposed to connect with her which is why she is first person. Nope. We barely spend any time in Arden’s head because of all the different POVs. She wasn’t really fleshed out (none of the characters really were), she had little to no backstory, and she just overall didn’t make any sense???

Arden is suppose to be a badass asssassin, in fact the first time we meet her she is talking about her first kill. But the first time we go on a mission with her she suddenly has morals and feelings and feels bad about killing these people because she thinks the king doesn’t have a good reason for wanting them dead??? Her character is step up to be a loyal ruthless assassin, so I was confused when she switched up so quicky. I’m sure the king has had her kill other people who didn’t deserve it. I honestly felt no connection with her and the story would’ve been more or less the same without her in it, honestly.

All the characters kind of felt the same??? OH, the king is supposed to ruthless and rules his kingdom with an iron fist (literally says this in the synopsis) but people are constantly questioning him and talking back. AND HE DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT BESIDES GLARE AND SIGH.

Another one of the characters is essentially a shape-shifter. At the beginning of the book when he shifts there is no explanation as to what happens to his clothes. He shifts in front of people and no one says anything so I assume his clothes shift with him?? But then at the end of the book it’s like the author remembered that would be impossible??? The character shifts in front of another character and he is naked and it’s a whole deal, but I’m confused why that was never mentioned before. The author should’ve went back and fixed that small plot hole.

It also bothered me that the language didn’t match with the world. It’s a high fantasy world yet the main character uses words like “fur-parent” and “low-key” and “literally“. It just felt like she was trying to incorporate some of the way we talk today but didn’t fully commit to it??

I really could go on and on about this book but I won’t because I have other things I would like to do today. BASICALLY, this book could’ve been okay. But, it just felt lazy and not well thought out. I paid 7.99$ for this on kindle and its like 17.99$ for a paperback (name a bigger scam) and I feel really stupid for spending even that much on it. It feels like she just thought about what was popular (fantasy and assassins) and slapped a generic not well thought out plot and the generic badass female assassin down into a word document.

I won’t be buying/reading the next book in this series when it comes out, I don’t enjoy torturing myself.

I won’t say don’t read this book because I believe everyone should make their own opinions on things, but I’m also not going to recommend it.

Good day, y’all.
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message 1: by Mirza (new)

Mirza Maric Good review and I agree with all of it. You said 'name a bigger scam' but you mentioned it yourself already: charging people $2000 for generic, impersonal writing advice that they could find by just typing 'writing advice' into Google.

message 2: by Chiky (new)

Chiky her $2000/$2500 program is just a scam 🤷🏼‍♀️

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