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Jane, Unlimited by Kristin Cashore
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The fact that this book has a Goodreads average rating of 3.37 is a travesty, a travesty I tell you. It's honestly one of my favorite books I've read in 2018 (so much a favorite that I pulled a reread a year later ^.^) I also got it signed and personalized!! 📚💓☂️ I really enjoyed this article on Jane, Unlimited. I rec reading that after checking out the book!!
Jane suddenly feels like a character in a novel by Edith Wharton or the Brontës. I'm a young woman of reduced circumstances, with no family and no prospects, invited by a wealthy family to their glamorous estate. Could this be my heroic journey?

4.5/5 🌟!

Reading Jane, Unlimited was a journey through different types of genres with a variety of strange and mysterious characters in tow. I was SO enthralled from the first page to the last and I truly know that I'll come back to reread this story one day.

The basic premise revolves around Jane, or Janie, who dropped out of college after her aunt Magnolia died in Antarctica in one of her expeditions. Aunt Magnolia was a marine photographer — there's a lot of marine biology and deep-sea photographs threaded throughout. Umbrellas are also a big part of the plot, Janie has a thing about them. Creating them, designing them, loving them. They resemble jellyfish, don't they? (take a deep jellyfish breath, my most favorite phrase ever, from one anxious girl to another).

Janie deals with a lot of grieving and not knowing how to keep on, being lost in herself (which I found to be SO relatable and tugged at my heartstrings). She is invited by her rich, and equally as directionless, friend Kiran to her island home, Tu Reviens, and she agrees because she's in limbo and because her aunt had made her promise to go to Tu Reviens if she was ever invited. And that's where things take a turn for the weird and interesting.

Tu Reviens is a more than a mansion, more than a house. It's a being that has been created by different parts from all across the world. Janie meets and befriends a cast of characters, including:

Ravi, Karin's twin brother. He is all about the art and very charismatic.

Ivy, scrabble enthusiast. She is as quirky as Jane and forms an instant connection with her too.

Jasper, basset hound. He just won't leave Jane alone! Janie doesn't mind.. much.

And so many others that Janie just can't stop observing and trying to figure out.

I can't talk about the plot too much because I think this is one of those books that you have to just read without any knowledge of what is going to happen. Well, other than the fact that there is going to be some sort of genre-bending throughout the narrative... but even then, you just can't know how Kristin Cashore is spinning it until you're reading it and you're just like "WHAT IS HAPPENING?" There's intrigue and umbrellas and mystery and drama.

I just.. what a creative narrative! I was just so in awe whenever I opened the book up and realized the many levels within each subplot. Each path continuously adds information and you learn more and more about the lives of those who are staying in Tu Reviens and even aunt Magnolia herself. This story is definitely fantastical and so weird that all you can do in certain parts is laugh. By the end, though, I was holding the book to my chest, tears in my eyes, just in shock about things that happened at the beginning that make sense in the light of what is revealed to us. I was so emotional about Jane's journey in grieving for her aunt and trying to understand where it leaves her and what she is supposed to do.

I couldn't begin to tell you who my favorite character is (though Janie is a very formidable main character) or what my favorite path is (I won't even see the word Charlotte the same again) because I truly LOVED my ride and thought that every character added to the story.

The only real flaw that I could find, though, was the 'she says, he says' dialogue tags that sometimes took me out of the story. There wasn't much variety in the dialogue tags, which I noticed because it was so repetitive.

Other than that, I just recommend this book to anyone and everyone, and then once you're done, come gush with me about everything. This book healed something within me somehow and I'll forever treasure Jane, Unlimited for its strangeness and it's utter unabashed uniqueness.

•— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •— •—

Goodreads: You finished Jane, Unlimited. What's next?

Me: I don't know! I'm just so in love with this book, nothing can be next after this!
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Kristin Cashore
“Do you ever feel,” she says to Jane, “like you’re trapped in the wrong version of your life?”
Kristin Cashore, Jane, Unlimited

Kristin Cashore
“You really thing I'm an artist?' Jane has responded. But Jane is coming to know the answer to that question on her own. She's seeing her umbrellas differently now. People other than she might love those umbrellas someday, probably not for Jane's reasons, but for their own reasons -- reasons Jane won't know or understand. Jane is beginning to appreciate this wonderful, surreal fact about the creative process.”
Kristin Cashore, Jane, Unlimited

Kristin Cashore
“Don’t you think it’s the people that make a place feel like home?”
Kristin Cashore, Jane, Unlimited
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3.02% ""Jane suddenly feels like a character in a novel by Edith Wharton or the Brontës. I'm a young woman of reduced circumstances, with no family and no prospects, invited by a wealthy family to their glamorous estate. Could this be my heroic journey?" -- fave!"
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22.63% "*the only thing that bugs me is the fact that 'she says, says jane, says says says' is written every time someone says something. it's a little repetitive to me. there are other ways to state someone is talking.

other than that small hiccup, i'm sort of feeling like this is a choose your own story but the mc (jane) is the one making the choices which is so cool to me! i really just like jane. like a lot, & ivy too!!"
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29.74% "jasper ! janie ! ivy ! i'm shook !"
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38.15% "wow. i'm just in awe of this book! and i just love janie. and jasper. and everything surrounding the house.

one possible choice and path finished & now onto another wild version of events!!"
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47.63% "I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt LOVE this book so much omg !"
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58.41% "this is so creative and has so many levels within each subplot. tbh i can't even begin to tell you who is my favorite character. idk how the goodreads rating is at 3.39 stars! are people not reading the same book I am???"
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67.67% "this version of events is so creepy and eerie ! i'm probably never going to see the name charlotte the same ever again after this lmao"
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70.26% "wOW it went from creepy to WILD so fast"
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72.2% "no but i need more people to read Jane, Unlimited asap so that i can discuss what I just read ??? I'm telling you this book can and should become a tv series or something"
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76.29% "my bi ass is Shook, just like janie !"
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82.76% "this book is healing me somehow and i feel so emotional agsjdn"
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